East End Gazetted Today

After what feels like a life time of planning, meetings and fine tuning the East End amendment is a reality and development of this run down part of the City an finally occur with quality, sustainable  developments including mixed use and affordable apartments. Let’s hope the GFC fades to enable this to happen.

The Minister of Planning John Day kindly came down to Fremantle this week to mark the occasion and his press release is below. I even put on a Dockers tie for this occasion!


Extensive redevelopment of Fremantle’s east end is one step closer, following State Government approval of an amendment to the City of Fremantle local planning scheme.

Planning Minister John Day said the amendment would facilitate the redevelopment of the area as major transit-orientated development precinct.


“This amendment paves the way for extensive redevelopment of the east end of Fremantle as a key gateway node to the Fremantle city centre,” Mr Day said.

“Fremantle has a special place in the State’s history and it is highly commendable that council is encouraging the next stage of the city’s evolution.

“It shows that the City of Fremantle is serious about being recognised as a forward-thinking local government in the metropolitan region.

“Under the planning guidelines, development within the precinct could accommodate up to 2,500 residents, which would have a major flow-on effect for the community, allowing for a stronger economy and more diverse population.”

Under the amendment, maximum permissible building heights have been increased to seven storeys fronting the Fremantle Harbour and five storeys along Queen Victoria Street.

The precinct has been assigned an R-AC residential density coding under the revised Residential Design Codes.

Mr Day said a key objective of the amendment was to ensure redevelopment was of high architectural quality incorporating best practice, sustainable building design as well as providing other community benefits.

 Development incentives, such as increased building height, would be built in to the planning provisions to help achieve these goals

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