How to Fix Fremantle- The Sunday Times View

In the first part of a series called “Fixing our City” the Sunday Times took the lens to Freo with critics Natalie Locke from Nova (and formally my chiro), Sean Morrison from Future Perth, Andrew McDonald from Worst of Perth (great website) and marketer Graham Freeman. It is an interesting article and quite funny in places too. You won’t agree with it all though. I make a few comments at the end.

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One Response to How to Fix Fremantle- The Sunday Times View

  1. Rhys says:

    Hi Brad, totally agree with your comments about making use of all those empty top floor spaces – and empty buildings. We read about Perth having a shortage of housing but I drive through Freo and see so much potential: the old Fort Knox warehouse, the backpackers next door, the above-shop spaces etc.

    Not sure I agree with Graham Freeman’s comments that one way streets and lack of parking are negatives of the area. Freo shouldn’t make it easier for cars, there’s enough already (especially on a Friday/Saturday night). Instead it should promote the train and cycling as viable options.

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