High St and Road to Rail – Kings Square, Fremantle, Saturday Sept. 17, 1:00 pm

I’ll be speaking at a Rally – Kings Square, Fremantle, Saturday Sept. 17, 1:00 pm along with Lynn MacLaren –Greens Transport Spokesperson and Annolies Truman - Fremantle Road to Rail, protesting against the State Government’s focus on building roads for trucks instead of investing in sustainable infrastructure such as rail or in road options that better protect communities like the compromise Option 4A.  It woudl be good to see you there.

Why does Fremantle have to demand freight on rail?

The Department of Transport (DoT) has announced plans to lift freight movements through the Port of Fremantle using B-double trucks 24 hour a day, seven days a week.  This will require over 1,000 truck movements per day, at least 46 per hour.

Both of the Department’s High Street Options 4 and 4A will address the current noise, safety and amenity problems for residents.  But Option 4 has a greater impact on the community and its larger curve will let trucks travel at 70kms per hour.

The majority of Fremantle, when forced by the Department to choose a road option, preferred Option 4A, but the Department has ignored that because Option 4 suits its truck plans.


300kms of regional WA Tier 3 rail lines are to be closed down. This will increase the number of trucks on metropolitan roads.

The Freight Network Review (2002) recommended a target of 30% of freight on rail to the port by 2013 and to keep open the Tier 3 railway lines. The DoT has ignored the Review.

If only 30% of the containers were transported by rail the number of trucks on the road would diminish to the level they were in 2002 and no road works would be necessary.

Instead, we are faced with the Roe Highway being bulldozed through Bibra Lake, Stock Road being turned into a freeway and a dramatic increase in truck movements on a residential road through Fremantle.

The real answer is to move as much freight as possible onto rail.

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3 Responses to High St and Road to Rail – Kings Square, Fremantle, Saturday Sept. 17, 1:00 pm

  1. Rob says:

    Brad, you seem to be forgetting about the Inner City Residents in your rush for this. Many residents health is impacted on by the extreme wheel squeal which is emitted from the rail day and night. Particularly around the Roundhouse bend. Without any support from the City residents are working with the Port of Fremantle ARG and the PTA to eliminate this. Its probably not as sexy as the logo Road2Rail, but its as important to residents and something not understood.

    • Rob
      Good point. I would like to see a new rail route built so all the trains do not have to go through the West End but that is unlikely under the current state government. But the good news is that the Fremantle Traffic bridge discussion is starting up in earnest again this year and if we can get a freight line as part of this then train could run day light hours only which would be better for residents in the west end etc. Would that be something you would agree with?
      cheers, Brad

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks Brad,

    Day is good. The Wheel squeal is the issue. The Port, ARG and PTA have done a good job moving the 3am train to 5am and the 1am to about 11. The residents appreciate this. All I am saying is no one so far has considered the impacts on Fremantle residents. And if you don’t take them with you, you isolate a large part of the game. By the way Congratulations on your efforts in getting Myers to stay.. Keep up the good work. Rob

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