Korcula, heritage and place activation

One of Korcula’s many similarities to Fremantle is that in summer months it attracts lots of tourists to a heritage town in great Mediterranean weather.

What it does differently is activate the spaces with innovative and sometime temporary structures that enable residents and tourists alike to really enjoy the City.

Doug has kindly edited the following video that will give you a sense of the old city:


 I also wanted to share with you a few of my favourite examples of activating heritage spaces:

Video projections and temporary cafes and bars – many of the café/bars around Korcula only operate for part of the year. The temporary structures are often in the best spots in town with views of the water and the heritage centre. The use of video projection of the side of walls of old buildings is great too.

Activating heritage spaces – we visited a small bar that was in a 14th/15th century turret in the old city which you can see in the video – a unique space using a unique part of the City in a sympathetic manner. Too often we treat our heritage like museum pieces. I think the future needs to be how we best use it in a way still protects and enhances it.

Another very fine example of this (and the thrid photo) is Hotel Dimitri whish was a major heritage restoration in the old part of the city to make one of the finest hotels I have ever seen. It is not cheap but an exquisite example of luxury and heritage in harmony. No I didn’t get to stay there but the tour was good enough!

Finally here is a video by Doug of the City from the distance


Thanks, Brad

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2 Responses to Korcula, heritage and place activation

  1. Mark Taylor says:

    Hi Brad (and Doug!)
    Great to discover your blog (Ingrid W. put me onto it – she says hello!).

    Wonderful these old cities, and great to see how old buildings can actually contribute to the new activities they house. Even though there must be difficulties re-fitting those spaces, you get a huge amount of character and human resonance in return.
    I guess you can’t plan that stuff, but maybe it can be enabled.
    This is going to be a massive contrast with the ‘States!
    I wonder if you guys will come back inspired by the creative human style of Europe; Or wanting to see more fly-overs, clover leafs and shopping malls with a decent amount of parking?!
    I’m sure you’ve been kept up to date on our Commonwealth Gov morasse. It’s the most appropriate result we could have had after the campaign that was! Much pleasure watching Bob Katter weaving fishing and shooting rights into his calls for stable progressive government alongside the other independents.

    Keep up the good work and the good blogging.

    Ciao for now

  2. Dan says:

    i believe that Freo has a huge opportunity to really improve itself with some innovation in the use of space, that people under 40 have been crying out for, for years. For instance – the cap. strip should be closed to traffic on weekends. This would open up opportunities – which could be canvassed from the population for ideas – human capital.

    Done well, there is no reason that businesses would suffer – in fact they could get larger revenue. I would have thought there is no ‘passing traffic’ in terms of cars along that stretch. I’ve never seen anyone get out of their car and by a coffee!

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