2011 Fremantle Carnevale, 19 February-8 March.

Everyone is invited to join in the revelry, wear a mask, costume or dress, as the streets come alive for this month’s 2011 Fremantle Carnevale, 19 February-8 March.

Carnevale is an annual community celebration of masked and costumed revelry, theatre, dance, music and mockery of established authority.
Be inspired by European or Latin American Carnival traditions, or your own imagination, during Fremantle’s third annual ‘Festival of Misrule’.

Carnevale is set to blast off at an official opening conducted by this year’s King of Carnival at 6.30 pm Saturday 26 February at the Fibonacci Centre.
To help Carnevale enthusiasts prepare for this vibrant multicultural event, a series of workshops and events will take place from Saturday 19 February in the lead up to Carnevale.

Some of this year’s highlights include art and photographic exhibitions, a Film Night at FTI on 22 February, Children’s Carnevale on 5 March and a Women’s Carnival on the eve of International Women’s Day on 7 March.

Carnevale will reach a climax of hilarity at the Carnevale Masked Costume Ball at the Fremantle Italian Club on 5 March, featuring Commedia Academy Australia and the hot sounds of the Funkalleros and Tijuana Cartel.

Rumours are flying about which public figure will be named this year’s King of Carnival. In accordance with Carnevale tradition, the King will face a hilarious trial and mock funeral on the last day of Carnevale at 6pm, Tuesday 8 March in Fremantle’s Kings Square.

Fremantle Carnevale is supported by the Office of Multicultural Interests WA; KULCHA; Bendigo Bank; Artproof Printing Company; City of Fremantle; Fibonacci Centre; Stageworks; DAADA.

2011 Carnevale Programme: fremantlecarnevale.org
Facebook.com/Fremantlecarnevale Twitter.com/Freocarnevale
Media Coordinator: Simone 0421389013 (for interview requests and other information)
Email: info@fremantlecarnevale.org
Attached photo: Commedia Academy Australia.
For professional high resolution photos from last year’s Carnevale, download preferred images from website and contact  gerard1laumen@gmail.com

40km/h story in West

The West Australian ran a front-page story this week stating Fremantle (along with Melville and Cockburn)  wanted to make our suburbs all 40km/h zones. It was unfortunately not a very accurate story. Melville are apparently asking for a retraction.

I made it clear to the journalist that the city does not support a blanket 40km/h speed limit but does in limited circumstances like South Tce (Where we successfully extended to 40km/h zone to Wray Ave) and possibly in certain streets on a case by case basis.

I think 40km/h everywhere would be counter-productive

Fremantle Foundation – Give where you live

Tonight was the launch of the Fremantle Foundation which with its motto – Give where you live – was launched at the Town Hall tonight. It is really great to have this Foundation up and running and tonight it set off its giving program through a donation to the Sisters homeless charity.


I have just posted an article to a new website on planning in WA called c2030 which has some great articles on it from people like Prof Peter Newman and Prof Richard Weller.

The stated aim is: “C2030 is an initiative to bring together the thoughts and opinions of all Western Australians. The last 20 years has seen considerable change across our State – but what does the next 20 years hold and what are the plans to ensure a prosperous future for generations to come?… The purpose of C2030 is to create a two way dialogue with the community and engage everyone in a conversation about the future of our State.”

My contribution to this debate is boldly entitled TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR HIGHER DENSITY URBAN DEVELOPMENT: How do we avoid the mistakes of the past?


Two ways to support the homeless in Freo

This week is the last week to bid for my car-parking spot (the best spot in Fremantle) and support Saint Pats important work with the homeless in Fremantle through Gimme Shelter. Gimme Shelter is on this Saturday (the 19th of Feb) at the Fremantle Arts Centre.

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Your support for both these events for one great cause would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Brad

The return of David Engwicht to Fremantle on April 4 & 5

The City of Fremantle is supporting the return of David Engwicht  to Fremantle on April 4 & 5 with two inspirational workshops 

Day One: Art of Place Making

Learn twelve secrets to creating vibrant neighbourhoods, prosperous shopping streets, and magical public spaces. Learn techniques that will save your city significant money and give your project an instant kick-start. Identify low-cost initiatives that will set off a positive chain reaction.

Day Two: Creating Resilient Cities

This workshop explores the secrets to creating resilient communities, resilient local economies and resilient local government organizations. The key insights will be applied to areas such as: community engagement, creative problem solving, place making, urban design, traffic issues (schools and residential streets) and conflict resolution.

Have a look at this video with David when he was last in Freo made by Linda Blagg:

For more info –  www.creative-communities.com

Kings Square Activation underway

The reactivation of Kings Square is underway. This week I presented to a new Council working group tasked with remaking Kings Square as our community’s shared backyard – a place people want to be rather than the place to avoid that it has beome in recent years. Inspired by my recent tour of sustainable cities I shared my experiences of what worked around the world to reactivate public places.

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