Leadership and indigenous employment

This morning I gave a lecture at a course on leadership for sustainability and the speaker after me was Brendan Hammond who was the former head of Argyle Diamond and now chair of the Dampier Port Authority and Horizon Power.

He spoke about his leadership at Argyle that went from having almost no indigenous employees to having more than 25% – far higher than any other mining company (or any other company in Australia that I know of for that matter).

It was an extraordinary story of empowerment and leadership and working with the community in a way that creates a long-term and sustainable legacy.

It was very though provoking and timely as the City of Fremantle grapples with how to increase its percentage of indigenous employees.

Last year Fremantle Council passed a target of 4% by 2014 (we currently have a bit over 400 employees in total) which is a big jump from the very few indigenous employees we have now.

The ABC’s 7.30 report put together a small piece a few years back on Brendan Hammond work which might be of interest if you want to hear more about this.


Giant numbat in Freo

Check out the City of Fremantle’s new Numbat. Belgian Street Artist ROA was  in Fremantle today (Saturday 29 October) putting the finishing touches to this fine new public artwork if you are around drop down to Henderson Street and check this world class artist’s work.

I am sure you will all agree that this work is a fantastic addition to the Fremantle urban Landscape.

thanks to Alex and City of Fremantle team for setting this up


The antidote to apathy

There has been a fair bit of discussion about why so many of us Freo-ites are disengaged from politics and local decision making. I must admit I have been quite suprised at how quiet the response to the proposed changes in Freo has been and have would love to have lots of people involved in the discussions so we get a real community view and not just a vocal minority

This TED video by Dave Meslin argues that local politics — development, zoning, council elections — hit us where we live and asks so why don’t more of us actually get involved? Is it apathy? Dave Meslin says no. He identifies 7 barriers that keep us from taking part in our communities, even when we truly care. Rachel Pemberton sent it through to me and it is worth a look.


Property Council on Fremantle talk at the Parmelia Hilton

In what I believe to be a first for Fremantle, last week the Freo team headed into Perth City at the crack of dawn to speak at a breakfast of 170 people from around the metro area interested in future developments in Fremantle. The breakfast was hosted by the Property Council and it was an opportunity to show how we are brings about change and trying to attract quality new development into Fremantle to revitilize our city.

The video has me talking first (after being introduced by Leno from the Property Council) followed by Ray Heron from  Urbis, David Shetliffe on retail and finally Stuart Hick on the Fremantle Union. Enjoy.

A week of events on Density, Development and Revitalisation in Fremantle

Dear Freo-ites

I hope you have all cleared your calendars for a week full of presentations, discussions and debates about Density, Development and Revitalisation in Fremantle (or more specifically on Scheme Amendment 49) starting Monday.

The first event will be a public forum of presentations and discussion this  Monday 31 October at 6.30 pm at Victoria Hall, 179 High Street, Fremantle. we will have some excellent speakers and opportunity for questions and feedback so please come along.

The second is not a City of Fremantle event but a special event hosted by Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute:

The third are some open days at Kings Square – the opportunity to view the plans and to ask questions on a one-to-one basis.

–       Friday 4 November, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm (Kings Square)

–       Saturday 5 November, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm (Kings Square)

The fourth is walking tours around the sites – a one hour guided walk around the subject sites will follow each of the open days.

–       Friday 4 November (commencing at Kings Square at 7:00 pm)

–       Saturday 5 November (commencing at Kings Square at 2:00 pm).

Please have your say and be part of Freo’s future. cheers, Brad

Election results in three new councillors

The votes were counted last night in the Fremantle Town Hall and the results were:

City Ward: Rachel Pemberton 585 votes, Ivan Dzeba 366 votes, Michael Swanepoel 227 votes

East Ward: Ingrid Waltham 603 votes, Steve Boney 441 votes

Beaconsfield Ward: Dave Hulme 570 votes, Georgie Adeane 503 votes

It was an interesting election in which the quality of the candidates was very high. I am looking forward to working with our new Councillors.

I wanted to pay special tribute to former Cr Georgie Adeane who missed out in a relatively close race with Dave Hume for the Beaconsfield Ward.

Georgie was elected to the South Ward (now held by Cr Jon Strachan) four years ago at a time when Council was particularly divided over the Fremantle Markets issue.

Over the past few years Georgie really grew into her role as a Councillor and was a strong collaborative participant in trying to improve Fremantle. Georgie was an independent thinker and very open minded. She has a passion for wanting the City of Fremantle to invest more on making Fremantle look better. She had a strong vision for what a refreshed, vibrant and renovated Fremantle should look like.

Georgie, I enjoyed working with you and I hope you enjoyed your time on Council. Thanks for the time and passion you put in to Fremantle over the past few years.

Council adopts MOU for integrated Kings Square precinct redevelopment

The Fremantle Council last night endorsed the City entering into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sirona Capital Management, owners of the Myer Fremantle building.

The MOU will enable the City of Fremantle and Sirona − as adjacent property owners in the Kings Square precinct − to undertake the necessary scoping and feasibility studies for the integrated redevelopment of multiple sites within Fremantle’s Kings Square precinct. The MOU expires 30 June 2012.

The City of Fremantle has a clear vision to revitalise Kings Square and surrounding sites as an important social and commercial hub in the heart of the City.

The City’s objectives, as outlined the MOU, are to:

  • increase commercial and retail activity in and around the precinct
  • create a vibrant town centre
  • replace or refurbish the library, council offices, Queensgate Centre, Queensgate car park, Fremantle visitor centre and the civic space within Kings Square
  • retain Myer or another anchor tenant on part of the Sirona property
  • consider the development of a new hotel
  • consider options for the development of the Spicer site.

The key feature of the MOU is an agreement between the City and Sirona to negotiate exclusively and in good faith.

The overall objective is to create an integrated retail and commercial environment with Myer as the anchor, but we also need to encompass City-owned sites within the Kings Square precinct to make this work.

To put it simply we have unique opportunity with the Myer redevelopment and the City sites to create an integrated redevelopment that will be a quality to retail and office development with great new city services such as  an new library.

It is also worth knowing that the Kings Square Project sits outside and is separate from the proposed City Central planning scheme amendments where a community consultation process is currently underway.