Interactive workshops suggest community support for revitalising Fremantle CBD

With interactive part of the community consultation now over the City has released some of the results and it seems there is strong support for the planning changes Council is proposing.
The results of two recently-held interactive workshops indicate that 65% of participants support the scheme amendments with only 16% opposed.Other key indicators included:

  • 98% of participants believing that the city centre of Fremantle needs revitalising
  • 74% supporting the selection of the area identified for revitalisation in the scheme amendment  – 14% were opposed
  • 83% agreeing that the proposed increase in residential and business/commercial development will create a more vibrant and inviting area for the community – only 6% disagreed
  • 67% feel the Scheme Amendment will have a positive effect in revitalising the city centre of Fremantle, with only 10% disagreeing.

Last week’s second interactive workshop was the final scheduled event in the City’s extensive eight-week public consultation period which included a presentation and discussion evening, open days, walking tours of the sites and the two workshops.

These events provided the opportunity for local residents and other stakeholders to gather information, give feedback and ask questions regarding proposed amendments to the Fremantle Local Planning Scheme. The proposed amendments cover key sites in Fremantle’s City Central area focused around Queen Street, between the Fremantle Railway Station and Kings Square.

The proposed planning scheme amendments are a key component of the most important urban renewal initiative Fremantle has seen in over 25 years and are part of the City’s strategy for ensuring Fremantle’s long-term economic sustainability.

Of course we won’t know the overall level of support until all submission are in so I encourage people to provide their comments and feedback via a formal written submission by the closing date of Wednesday 7 December.

The public submission form which can be obtained from the City; or downloaded from the City’s website under ‘community engagement’.


A day in the life of a mayor – from running Santas to 20,000 year old Antarctic ice.

Being the Mayor of Freo is a pretty awesome job even if don’t get to go home as much as I’d like.

This Sunday was once again an amazingly diverse day which I thought I’d share.

The first official function was on the launch the Sunday morning Santa fun run where more than 1200 Santa gathered to do a 4km run around Fremantle’s streets. A sea of red and white filled the Esplanade before I reached for the starters gun and sent them on their way.

I then returned to the office to knock of some of the many emails that needed a response. I get about 150 to 200 a day on average so weekends are often catch up time.

I then joined my partner for the start of the Club Marine Fremantle Harbour Classic in Fremantle Port. It was great to see out working port full of sails for a day.

I couldn’t stay to the race end as I was due at the George St Festival where I was to challenge East Fremantle Mayor Alan Ferris in a sack race to celebrate both Councils being fair trade Councils. I was lucky to get an early start in the race and pip Alan at the line. I had joked the prize was the other’s Town Hall but I got a fair trade soccer ball instead.

From there it was to the North Fremantle family fun day where following a dog’s breakfast the North Fremantle community was enjoying everything from choirs, to skateboarding lessons on their new skate ramp to bare foot bowls. After spinning the chocolate wheel and handing out some prizes I got suited up to meet the Japanese Consul.

Dinner with the Japanese Consul was at his residence in Peppermint Grove to celebrate the arrival at Fremantle Port of the Japanese Icebreaker Shirase II  which was doing research in Antarctica on climate change amongst other things. It was a very nice meal which included a highlight of knowing the ice in my drink was actually compacted snow from Antarctica that was around 20,000 year old!

You couldn’t call my Sunday a day of rest but it was as diverse as it was stimulating and it was a real honour be involved in each of these events.

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Unbuilt Fremantle – a exhibition of what Fremantle that might have been

15 plans that would have changed the face of Freo as we know it. But unbuilt they remain. From a $24million performing arts centre to a 42metre UFO shaped tower. From the 2007 ING proposal to the 1950s Fremantle masterplan. They are all exhibited at Unbuilt Fremantle.

It is on every day in the Queensgate Building next to Myer during the Fremantle Festival. So check it out.

The exhibition was put together by Allison Pepper who did an internship with Murdoch University and me at the the City of Fremantle. Allison spent her time researching different development proposals in Fremantle that were never actually built and this Fremantle Festival event is the culmination of all her work.

Thanks to Allison and also to the staff at the Fremantle Local History Library for their fabulous help.

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OUR FREMANTLE – a film by Max Grantis

Check out his film by the same guy he did the funky piece on 2011

Sky view of Freo

Finally got a chance to go on the new ferris wheel and you really get quite a different view of our port city. Nice way to end a Fremantle Festival day

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CODA, Freo and Development

This excellent article by Emma Williamson from CODA was in the West this week.

2011 – it’s all you need to know

Keeping it simple:


Date 20.11

Year: 2011

Artist: 2011

Place: Hole in the Wall Gallery Adelaide St