City sites open days and walking tours

This weekend the City of Fremantle conducted its open days and walking tours around the sites on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

This was intended to provide an opportunity for residents to drop in at their leisure to view the plans and ask questions on a one to one basis before joining Councillors, staff and I for a one hour guided walk around the subject sites for the city centre scheme amendment.

To be honest the response was a little underwhelming with only small numbers coming out on the Friday night tour and for the Saturday day tour. Mind you some unseasonal rain didn’t help.

The good news from my perspective was the vast majority of the feedback from those that came along was positive. No one on the walking tours voiced opposition to the plans but there were some good suggestions on how it might be improved and some key things to look out for.

Chair of the City of Fremantle’s Planning Committee, Andrew Sullivan did a great job of explaining the proposed changes which I greatly appreciated given I was coming down with a cold and losing my voice.

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One last reminder for people to sign up for the interactive workshop on the 14th by COB this Monday the 7th of November 2011.

Cheers, Brad

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One Response to City sites open days and walking tours

  1. freoishome says:

    I was dissappointed not to receive the information pack through the post. Hence, I only heard about the meetings, walk etc by word of mouth. A consequnce I turned up at 4pm Friday for a guided walk, only to find out that the walk part of that process was at 7pm. I wasn’t going to wait 3 hours, and I feel let down.
    I want more info and more discussion. By the latter I mean conversation. I don’t want to listen to more presentations, I want to be able to talk, and have a genuine conversation. I don’t want to be ‘blocked’ by Freo staff, Councillors, etc, who due to their involvement over many months, now have ‘skin’ in their ideas, and are very defensive, anything but open to conversation! My recent exchange of e-mails with you and Andrew Sullivan ended, with no such conversation, rather, ‘make a written submission’, from Andrew! There is high probablility that my thoughts aren’t new, that you guys have already gone through that process and concluded they aren’t viable, but that doesn’t justify just blocking and dismissal! Others like me who are giving this serious thought deserve better from the process.

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