8 storey development passed by Council in Fremantle

Well almost – it is actually in East Fremantle where Local Planning Policy – Town Centre Redevelopment Guidelines was adopted by their council in late 2011.

It is a fascinating project and has lots of merit and is built on many of the same ideas as Fremantle’s planning scheme amendments including mixed use, higher density, affordable housing and environmental sustainability. Interestingly for some reason there’s  been a whole lot less controversial about this than Fremantle’s Amendment 49!

The scheme varies between 3 and 8 floors next to their Town Hall.

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2 Responses to 8 storey development passed by Council in Fremantle

  1. freoishome says:

    The pictures are quite small, so I hope my interpretation is accurate.

    Firstly the Shire has supplied some pictorial models of indicative heights and hence impact of the building they have in mind.

    Secondly they have 3 height zones, of max 3, max 3+2, Max 5+2, where the higher zones are surrounded by the next height zone, ie, a stepped fashion.

    Also these high zones are along Canning Hwy, not exactly comparible with iconic Fremantle!

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