New mayoral Facebook and meet the mayor in the square

I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to set up a mayoral Facebook account. So if you would like to be my Facebook friend and get these blog updates and other bits and pieces about Freo then please look me up on Facebook at “Mayor Brad Pettitt”.

For those of you  less inclined to link up virtually and prefer real face to face time –  look out for “meet the mayor in the square” which will be a regular event in our Kings Square starting in February. More details to come shortly – both via Facebook and more traditional means

cheers, Brad

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4 Responses to New mayoral Facebook and meet the mayor in the square

  1. Janine Marshall says:

    FANTASTIC!! well played 🙂

  2. Warren Iannello says:

    Good idea Brad.F2f as well!Dont forget to include the coffee…Then you are bound to get a talkative stimulated crowd roll up!Good for vendors as well …someone might sponsor….coffee with Brad?Many years ago I saw a guy in Christchurch NZ who may have a few techniques to suggest when talking in ‘Squares”…(the Wizard) Ciao again and good luck with the venture.

  3. Janine Marshall says:

    ooohh coffee with Brad!! Im up for that 😀 lol
    Nah seriously its a fabulous Idea, to get out and about in the community, face to face interactions – thats what its really all about…Seeing is doing 🙂 But the FB thing is a fabulous idea cos its the way of the world. Im sure there will be plenty of ppl visiting you in the square and i’ll be also there!! 😀

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