Plastic Bag Free Freo

Over the past few months you might have seen some strange sights in Freo including a huge  plastic bag monster walking the streets. This is part of a renewed campaign by a great bunch of people for a plastic bag free Freo.

The campaign is gathering momentum and the majority of Fremantle retailers seem to be right behind the idea that we should no longer giving out free single use plastic bags and instead be using more sustainable alternatives. To take the campaign to the next level they are putting on a free public screening of Bag it- a rather amusing documentary on plastic bags. This Tuesday the 7th at 6pm at the City of Fremantle Reception Room up the white stairs. Come along!

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2 Responses to Plastic Bag Free Freo

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  2. Anne says:

    Reusable custom bags are the only alternate option. We cannot use paper a lot more; it will imbalance our eco-system. You can use these Reusable Products without compromising your style.

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