Traffic Calming the Cappuccino Strip

Over the years there have been calls to make South Tce more pedestrian friendly.

Last year the Council formed South Tce working group reported back after a lot of work and many meetings with a range of recommendation from the short term to the longer term.

For the full report see

The short term recommendations were to put in traffic calming including trees and zebra crossings and slow the speed to 30kmh (to stop those buses especially racing through). Since then the City of Fremantle has done all the traffic and speed counts etc required and the application for the crossings is now with Main Roads and the application for the 30kmh speed will follow in coming days.

Evidence shows that speed is critical to pedestrian and cyclist survival. For example, in a crash between a cyclist and a vehicle travelling at 50kmh, there is a 90 per cent chance the cyclist will die. Yet at 30kmh the cyclist has a 95 per cent chance of surviving. (For more info on this see )

Large pot plants and new lighting will also be going in on the Strip shortly. Further up South Terrace, zebra crossings and  new lighting has already been approved.

Longer term will be widen the footpaths and make it even more of a shared zone with the possible re-routing of buses.

Well done to all involved and here is to a safer, more pedestrian friendly South Tce.

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4 Responses to Traffic Calming the Cappuccino Strip

  1. Janine Marshall says:

    Sounds fabulous! I have had my life flash before my eyes on several occasions trying to cross that road. Such a busy and “key” area too in Freo – this is awesome to hear.

    Say a car is travelling at 40km/h and the driver sees a pedestrian stepping off the sideway about 27m up the road and brakes, the car stops safely after about 25-6m and avoids hitting the pedestrian. If the car was travelling at 50km/h, it will take an extra 9m to stop, and will still be travelling at 42km/h when it hits the pedestrian. So lowering the speed limit to 30km/h is even better and stops at say 17m?? way before it gets to the pedestrian…. My math sucks but you get the point I’m trying to make lol.

    Sometimes that strip is used for guys (or girls) thrashing their cars checking everyone out who may be sat having a nice relaxing coffee… I have seen the same car cruise up and down that street so many times in a short space of time, its actually quite funny. As soon as they see something that catches their attention – they turn into Michael Schumacher and hoon up the street nearly taking out anyone who’s there. Busses are just as bad too…..

    At least people can now enjoy this awesome area without having to worry about their safety. 🙂

  2. Roger Garwood says:

    Very good news indeed. We’ve only waited about 40 years. Let’s see how long it takes MAD roads to help out. I’d putbet

  3. Roger Garwood says:

    Sorry .. pressed the button too soon:

    I’d bet at least 12 months before we see any action from them (MAD Roads that is)

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