A tour of Australia’s greenest building the Pixel

I spent part of last week in Melbourne where I was invited to give a paper at a sustainability conference. While I was there I also took to arrange a tour of the Pixel Building which probably the greenest office building in Australia.

The Pixel building is the first carbon neutral office building in Australia. It achieved the highest Green Star score ever awarded by the Green Building Council of Australia and achieved a perfect score of 100 points under the Green Star rating system for building design.

The Pixel Building amazing features included a special type of concrete which halves the embodied carbon in the mix, a low water vacuum toilet system, an anaerobic digestion system and has water initiatives that mean the building could be self sufficient for water and free night air cooling through cross ventilation.

Its green roof re-introduces rare Victorian grassland species to the Melbourne CBD.

The distinctive looking sun shade system on the exterior of the building is designed to provide the maximum amount of daylight into the office space, while protecting it from glare and heat in the summer.

I was impressed and inspired about what might be possible in Fremantle . Some photos are below.


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One Response to A tour of Australia’s greenest building the Pixel

  1. Warren Iannello says:

    Wouldn’t it be great to have such a building project as the centrepiece of development in Kings Square….Glad you got to see this live project>The more publicised such projects are the less we will become narrow and too parochial…it is not as if other cities in Australia and the world are not having to be innovative with their balance of heritage human scale,sustainability and environment…Ciao Warren

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