Office space in Freo

I thought this article might be of interest. It was in last week’s WA Business News. It show the huge opportunities for Fremantle to have more high quality jobs move into out city centre.

Also Cathy Hall (see  comments) sent the link to a similar article in the The West

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6 Responses to Office space in Freo

  1. CathyHall says:

    Your photo copy too hard to read, but this link appears to be the original data source.

    This ‘long over due new’ perth analysis supports my pleas for Fremantle to put in place planning controls that can enable construction of a ‘trigger-point’ quantity of A grade office-space to attract new workers into our CBD.

    In conjunction with our TOD status, revitalisation of Fremantle could be kick started through such local planning provisions that csn drive investment in workplace infrastructure & place Fremantle in a position to meet some of the demand this data points to.

    We can even hope such stimulus might lead, over time, to flow-on use of upper floor heritage stock by ‘creatives’ following in the footsteps of those A graders.  

    Please consider this new data with your fellow Councillors in your decision-making for PSA 49 this month!

    Kind Regards
    0407 086 300

  2. thanks Cathy. Apologies to all about the quality. it does improve if you double click on the photo. Brad

  3. Robert says:

    Cathy, I think PSA 49; along with the Kings Square Project, a range of initiatives being undertaken by the City’s economic development team, assisted by David Shetliffe, and I understand an imminent program marketing to the intrastate and interstate business community Fremantle’s potential as a significant commercial office environment in the Perth metropolitan area; is doing just as you suggest. Without PSA 49 significant commercial office development in Fremantle would be just a pipedream.

    • CathyHall says:

      To be accurate PSA 49, as it stands, guarantees to hight an empasis on RESIDENTIAL and locks out that “critical mass” of office space (for workers) that we need to enticed back to Fremantle to work.

      I think you are missing the finer point of my comment (& my pleas at Council) that PSA needs to be strengthened (before its too late) to ENSURE the provision of what I referred to as a “trigger-point quantiity” of A grade office(worker) space. With only one site “ready to go” the City needs it to set the standard for the others. We need to make this opportunity work for us to reverse the drain of workers out of our city.

  4. Robert Bodkin says:

    It may be of interest to know that Customs House which guttered a number of heritage buildings and turned them into a film set and modern buildings is now occupied by only approx 100 persons. I was told that includes Federal police. A body count of about 1/2 of the original workforce of Customs workers

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