Kings Square community engagment to kick off

With the debate over A49 almost behind us the City of Fremantle is now turning its focus to the urban design strategy for the Kings Square precinct.

The Kings Square precinct, as well as being the geographical centre of the city, is also Fremantle’s civic hub and a key redevelopment site to  to revitalise the Fremantle city centre.

The urban design strategy will incorporate:

  • indicative concepts and design guidelines for key City owned development sites within the project area,
  • identification of preferred land uses for the key sites, and a
  • concept design for the public spaces throughout the project area.

The strategy will focus on Kings Square and the streets bounding it (Queen, William and Adelaide Streets and Newman Court), but will also include the full length of Queen Street as an important pedestrian connection to the Train Station and Victoria Quay.

The key City owned development sites include the City Administration building (8 William St), Queensgate offices (10 William St), Queensgate carpark (22 Henderson St) and the Spicer site (8-10 Henderson St).

To ensure the urban design strategy is the best possible outcome for Fremantle, a detailed design and consultation process has been put in place.  The process consists of visioning, design development, community consultation events, amendments (if required) and then finally, adoption by council.

The first task in the preparation of the strategy is to identify the aspirations and visions of all stakeholders for this area of the city centre.

This workshop is intended to inspire participants by drawing on international and local precedents as well as previous plans and proposals.  These will be used to determine the high-order aspirations and objectives for the urban design strategy, and therefore the ultimate parameters of the project.  By focusing on fairly conceptual issues of ‘place’, it will establish the desired role and character of the square as it relates to the physical and social fabric of the city.

The outcome of the ‘visioning workshop’ will be a written and illustrated vision statement for the project area.  Following the workshop the project team will undertake research and analysis and develop strategy and design options as to how to realise the vision.  Community feedback on the options will then be invited during an intensive week long series of consultation events that will commence with an information session and walking tour on 28 April 2012 and a community workshop on Tuesday 1 May 2012.

Following the design development and community consultation events, the council will call a special meeting at which it will hear public comment on and debate the various strategies. It will then take a formal vote and adopt the preferred urban design guidelines for the Kings Square precinct. It is expected that this meeting will take place in late May/early June.

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