It is official: Freo is a walker’s paradise

Steven Ames, the well-known expert  on  community visioning, put me onto this great little website (see below for detail) that ranks cities all over the world on how they perform as walking cities.

In light of the front page article in The West today that shows that a UWA report, commissioned by the National Heart Foundation, showed those in the less walkable burbs are getting fatter and unhealthier due to their automobile dependence:

“In sprawling metropolitan areas, more time is spent in vehicles and more vehicle miles are travelled than in denser cities,” the report said. “In denser cities, trip distances are shorter and there is a greater reliance on walking and public transport.

“This fact is highlighted by a study of cities in the US that found lower automobile fatality rates in denser cities compared with sprawling cities.”

Heart Foundation WA director of cardiovascular health Trevor Shilton said people who lived in well-planned communities were more physically active, had lower rates of obesity and better overall health.

“As Perth continues to sprawl out, more young families will be spending inordinate amounts of time sitting in a car,” he said. He identified Subiaco as a well-designed suburb with a grid-street pattern, sunken railway line and numerous shops and amenities.

In comparison, people in suburbs such as Duncraig and Greenwood had to drive to shopping centres.

In contrast it was very pleasing to see Fremantle score 100 out of a possible 100. Making it a walkers paradise. Another argument for the  pockets of density we are planing for Fremantle?

Check out the website here:

Walk Score® Description


Walker’s Paradise
Daily errands do not require a car.


Very Walkable
Most errands can be accomplished on foot.


Somewhat Walkable
Some amenities within walking distance.


A few amenities within walking distance.


Almost all errands require a car.

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5 Responses to It is official: Freo is a walker’s paradise

  1. Sam Wilson says:

    “Daily errands do not require a car” is hardly a stringent criterion! I mean, it’s not really that hard to get around without a car in whatever city, but I wouldn’t call Cockburn (for example) a walkers’ paradise. Yet, even here, daily errands do not really require a car.

    Right, I’ll stop being a pedant now. 😉 Huzza for walking in Freo! Now then, how about more verandahs over the footpaths?! Jolly helpful, them…

  2. freoview says:

    If the pockets of density, as you call them, would be better spread around the city, people would walk even more. By putting all your eggs in one basket by only developing around Kings Square limits it!

    Roel Loopers

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