Pointing redevelopment in the right direction

This week Fremantle Council voted to advertise the business plan for tendering for the redevelopment of the property it owns on Point Street.

For those of you that don’t know it is the rather unattractive buildings near Clancy’s and Princess May Park that includes the Port Cinema and Point Street multiple-storey carpark and shops like Fleet Cycles.

This 5000m2 site is under amendment 49 zoned for four floors facing Princess May Park and six facing Point Street.

Fremantle Council’s vision for this site is that it set the high standard for development the east end of the city. It will be a green, mixed use building that will include affordable housing and a very high standard of building design. Design requirements include:

•           To act as a catalyst to stimulate development and further regeneration of the east end area of the city centre.

•           The development must achieve a ‘green design’ (Green Star) rating equivalent to at least 5 star, incorporating low energy and water use, on-site energy generation, recycling, roof planting, etc. The development will include a green roof of at least 25% of roof top space. By requiring this high standard of sustainable design into the redevelopment of the site it can also serve as a demonstration to other developers and the community.

•           To achieve a quality modern development that protects and reinforces the area’s significant cultural heritage.

•           To increase the number and diversity of people in the area as a combination of workers, residents and visitors as well as affordable housing

While the City has debated doing this redevelopment itself, the truth is that when Council’s do their own redevelopments they often end up been rather terrible because we just don’t have the right expertise and experience. The last time Council tried this in Fremantle was the Queensgate building and that is hardly a quality outcome.

Instead the Fremantle Council is requiring developers build up to the high standards we are setting so I think this will be an excellent development outcome. Here are a few images from the planning process

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2 Responses to Pointing redevelopment in the right direction

  1. Nicola Bond says:

    Brad, as you are aware Harbour Theatre (Fremantle’s only and original community theatre since 1963) rents the Port Cineaste Building that our volunteers have converted into a very comfortable live theatre venue that is the envy of many other community theatres in and around Perth and one of which Fremantle should be very proud. Harbour Theatre attracts approximately 5000+ people per year to the venue by producing very high quality shows for the community at an affordable cost. Next year is Harbour Theatre’s 50th anniversary of entertaining the people of Fremantle and surrounds and we are currently in the process of organising celebrations for this very important milestone as part of Fremantle’s community history. Under the current proposed re-development we assume that for the fourth time in it’s history Harbour Theatre will be forced to seek an alternative venue. Given the enormous problems that were caused when the Theatre was forced to move from the Princess May Building in 2009, you would be aware that suitable theatrical venues in Fremantle are non-existent. You have stated that your aim for this re-development is to attract a lot of people to the East end of Fremantle each year. This is a benchmark Harbour Theatre is already achieving. Our audiences travel from far and wide and most importantly spend money at Fremantle businesses before and after attending a show. As volunteers we work extremely hard at making sure that Fremantle has a well-respected and long running community theatre – we have volunteers from all walks of life and play a very important role both from a volunteer employment and entertainment perspective to the older and younger members of our community. It would be a terrible loss to the community as a whole if Harbour Theatre was unable to continue due to re-development plans for this area and we hope that you would consider Harbour Theatre’s future in any proposal presented to the City.

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