More Purple Pots for South Terrace?

Now the purple pots on South Terrace have been in for a few weeks, I’d be interested to know what you all thought of them? Should we continue them the whole way down to Ginos? What kind of pots and trees do you think would best make the South Tce look great and also slow traffic?

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18 Responses to More Purple Pots for South Terrace?

  1. freoview says:

    I like the pots and hope they will continue all along the terrace, but it would be nice to have them in different colours and shapes.

    I believe it will slow traffic down as it is a good way of place making. Already at the bus stop near the markets cars can’t overtake the buses while they are letting people in and out, which makes it a lot safer.

    Roel Loopers

  2. janinemarshall says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I think it’s a very effective way of controlling traffic speeds and definitely think you should continue it right the way through… its very aesthetically pleasing as well as productive (just hope none runs into them or vandalises them).
    What about growing Citrus, veggies, herbs, peaches, nectarines even olives? It would make a strong statement of the cities reputation as a sustainable one. All grow fine in large pots and simply look divine and add a ‘romantic feel’ I think, would suite freo??

    I also love this idea of balcony gardens too,, more of this would be awesome to see.

  3. Colin Nichol says:

    A significant, important start in the right direction. More, please. Great job in overcoming obstacles to getting these in place. Bigger pots, more colour, small trees such as mini conifers – please no plane trees!

  4. Sam Wilson says:

    Yes, terrific! Don’t know about the purple, but I guess Dockers fans are happy. But more trees in pots, by all means!

    • janinemarshall says:

      Yep I agree, not the purple, something that fits in with the buildings materials because the trees themselves will add the colour thats needed and that way stand out more too 🙂

  5. Emma Herrick says:

    Hi, I think there should be more pots as they do really look nice, however could the pots be more artistic eg painted a myriad of colours or mosaic? I think this would make more of a statement and would look very “Freo”.

  6. Those purple pots look great and not only does it make the surrounding area heaps more inviting, it slows traffic down and gives pedestrians more authority in an environment that needs walkability in order to revitalize the vibe we are going for in Fremantle. Extending them to Gino’s is a great idea. Also painting the existing bike path green that starts at the Wray/ South Terrance round-a-bout and leads into the purple pots would be a great step to give bicyclists more authority on the main route leading to town. 🙂

  7. Edna says:

    Please put some wattles or something, that attract birds.

  8. Emma Anda says:

    I think they look great, quite quirky – as usually those sorts of road plantings are in the ground I think, so quite different to have giant pots. I like the taller round trees the best, they look really nice.

  9. Brett Montgomery says:

    Another vote for more greenery along the strip. (I don’t mind whether or not the pots are purple.)

    And I second Jean-Paul’s suggestion re bike lanes.

  10. Annie Matan says:

    Really love the pots. Extending them to Gino’s is a fantastic idea. It would be great to also have some way to extend the same image down Market St to the intersection with the Train Station (although it is much narrower)— a few pots could be added at the beginning of Market St at Elder where the road is wide to provide an entry statement when exiting the train station and signalling that you are entering a ‘place’.

  11. Michael says:

    extending them down will sure be an improvement.
    It would look good to have a few different types of trees, perhaps changing at different areas. Ie a taller/different tree at a T-Junction, wider trees at the end of ‘Old Shanghai’ markets, etc.

  12. kathryn says:

    The pots are fantastic and continuing them all the way down the strip would be really effective. I would love to see more variety in pot colour and design. Could we ask local artists to paint them? I also think we should be growing fruit trees, vegetables and herbs that could be harvested and used in the city.

  13. I like it but it seems half hearted as I think the pots should have a good paint and look a little fresher – a variety of plantings is ok too.

  14. Sam Hall says:

    Yes to more pots! I think they are great for slowing the traffic and adding some life to the street. I agree with Kathryn re: varied colour and design. It might even assist preventing vandalism if there is some community involvement in designing the pots – there are some incredible art students at South Freo High. Each pot could represent something about Freo.

  15. Hi Brad, nice work trialling the concept. I think that having the trees works really well and that there is an opportunity to have more pockets of them along the strip. In one of his blog posts, Roel had an idea where the pots could be styled as big coffee mugs, I thought that was a good idea. Having native trees would be cool, so would having some fruit trees. Look forward to having the idea implemented permanently.

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