The most inspirational urban development of the week

This TED video link got me onto this amazing development called VM Bjerget near Ørestad district in Copenhagen.

Put simply, it is affordable housing above a multi-storey carpark. This doesn’t sound that attractive but it is and it made me think about how we might use some of these ideas in Fremantle given we need a new multi-storey carpark to replace Point St and others and lots of affordable housing. Here is their blurb and then some photos:

VM Bjerget is a stepped, pyramidal structure where each of the ten floors sits back from the one beneath it, hiding within its base a car park. The apartments, looking like teeth from a giant three dimensional jigsaw, are stacked back upon themselves, allowing each their own yard which overlook the rest and bring with it a sense of community and neighborliness.

Clad in a natural wood paneling, it’s an impressive architectural feat that successfully manages to produce spacious, modern and affordable housing whilst appreciating the need to economize on space. Typically Scandinavian, architecture enthusiasts won’t mind the quick trip on the metro to catch a glimpse of this deceptively simple solution to the difficulties of stylish and economic urban planning.

Thanks Robert Bodkin (of Bodkin’s Boots fame) for sending it through

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5 Responses to The most inspirational urban development of the week

  1. freoishome says:

    I and several others at the many meetings about Amendment 49 said consistantly, and were equally consistantly ignored by Councillors, that the project is relevant has a basis in need, but instead of being driven by regulation change, ought to to be driven by architectural and town planning visioning.
    Bjarke Ingels, is clearly an archtiect who operates that way too.
    Is it too late for Fremantle Council to put a hold to individual block solutions, and start a process of visioning of this calibre.
    This seems to have got excited.

    • hi Paul
      This visioning process has started with the Kings Square and Queens Street design process and community engagement that has just finished its community consultation stage. This will flow into the rest of the East End and the overall structure plan visioning.
      My view is regulation and vision need to be put together – it is not an either or. Without this regulation and knowledge about allowed heights etc the visioning process won’t have the necessary parameters.
      cheers, Brad

  2. janinemarshall says:

    Theres nothing that he said or showed that I didn’t like! Fantastic!
    Urban landscapes created by nature is just so wonderful! Looking at the mountains and using them as a building design is absolutely amazing, I love it! Id live somewhere like that in a heartbeat (the Twin Peaks sound track sold me lol).
    Obviously Fremantle’s landscapes would be somewhat different but the general concept is great, more so the multi-storey carpark with housing above would work very well.
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Paula amaral says:

    Hi Brad

    I watched the TED talk, just loved it. Can you invite these guys to come and do it here.

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