I don’t normally post press releases but this is a good one.

Thanks to a $1million State Budget allocation, the Duyfken replica will finally be sailing home to a permanent mooring in Fremantle. The $1million investment includes a $263,000 provision to fund Duyfken’s voyage from Sydney to Perth, and approximately $125,000 (indexed) per annum for 10 years.

Duyfken’s first voyage to Australia resulted in Australia’s land mass being cartographically represented on the world map. The 1606 voyage also represented the first time in recorded European history that Aboriginal people came in contact with people from the outside world.

Painstakingly carved out of European Oak by Western Australian Shipwrights, it took four years to construct, and has since been crewed by many West Australians

The impetus to build the replica, a 24 metre long 110 tonne ship which can accommodate a crew of up to 18, came through an enormous community effort. This was led by Michael G Kailis, who unfortunately passed away in June 1999, just weeks before its maiden voyage. It then embarked on a voyage from Australia to The Netherlands in a recreation of a Dutch spice voyage.

Since then it has played an un-official Ambassadorial role for Australia in South East Asia, the Indian sub-continent, Africa and Europe.

It has, until recently, been berthed at the National Maritime Museum in Darling Harbour, Sydney. On May 17th 2012, upon completion of a re-fit in Brisbane, Duyfken embarked on its 5 month voyage to Fremantle where it is to be moored permanently.

Its planned route has taken it to Mackay, having offloaded an errant possum along the way, to Townsville, through the Torres Strait, across to Darwin and down the Western Australian Coast via Dampier and Geraldton, to Fremantle, where it will become a permanent tourist and education attraction.

It is anticipated that Duyfken will arrive in Fremantle Port, in August 2012.

Thanks to the Hon Phil Edman MLC for sending this through.

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  1. curiousjulz says:

    I’m in Mackay about to step onboard and travel through to Cooktown 🙂

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