Innovative Freo Outdoor Reading Room wins WA Library Board prize

Congratulations to the Fremantle library as the 2012 winner of the Award for Excellence for the Outdoor Reading Room project in Kings Square.

The idea was kicked off in October 2011, when the City of Fremantle conducted a place making workshop on King Square activation , facilitated by David Engwicht, social innovator and founder of Creative Communities.

The workshop focused on King’s Square, creating positive activity in the space and developing activities that made people want to linger in the area rather than just passing through. And this was one of the ideas it generated.

The project ran over last summer and finished in April and was a great success.

Feedback has been very positive;

“Whetted my appetite to start borrowing from library again”

“Lovely atmosphere, provides a social hub – meet more locals and having

playground next to the reading is fantastic for families”

“Nice to see the Square being used for something that benefits people. See less anti-social behaviour because of the reading room”

“A lovely way to spend the lunch hour – thank you”

“Great use of this open space. Gives parents a chance to read while children play. Keep it in spring/summer.”

“I was watching my three year old play and reading my seven month old a book. GREAT IDEA!”

I was told they actually ended  with more books than they started with!

The library won $5000 and the prize money will be spent on trolleys and more furniture for the outdoor reading room which is planned to come back into the square this spring/summer.

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One Response to Innovative Freo Outdoor Reading Room wins WA Library Board prize

  1. cathyhall2 says:

    Congrats ORR! Great success with O55’s too, with concurrent increase in drop-in visits to City’s Positive Aging – One Stop Shop in Kings Square 🙂

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