Voices from the West End and Fremantle and War

Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the launch of two great projects as part of the Fremantle Heritage Festival

This first was a great new book called Voices from the West End edited by Paul Arthur and Geoffrey Bolton

Voices from the West End provides both a wide-ranging overview from many well known Fremantle names into the influences that have shaped Fremantle’s colourful history and heritage since colonial settlement in 1829.

The second is a new website called Fremantle History put together by Deborah Gare (Associate Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame Australia) with assistance from the City of Fremantle amongst many others


Its opening blurb says:

The story of Fremantle begins in two places: in this country called Walyalup, which was home to Whadjuk people; and in London, where the British imagined a new frontier of their empire on the isolated coast of New Holland. These two worlds collided in 1829 when Stirling’s first British migrants arrived at the place he called Fremantle. Since then, our town’s history has been rich with stories of war and peace, boom and bust, and love and loss. As one of the principal gateways to Australia, the face of Fremantle has changed time and again, shaped by the experiences of many new people.

Its first project is called Fremantle and War which uncovers some of the nation’s most precious images of Fremantle’s war history including the colonial frontier, departure of troops, home front experiences, dissent and refuge.  Both are worth a look.

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