Triangular buildings in Kings Square?

The community consultation process over Kings Sq is coming to an end and Freo Council is now in the looking at the feedback we got from a wide range of community members and experts to come up with the final urban design guidelines for Kings Square.

One key issue we are debating is where buildings should be in the square. Interestingly and somewhat unexpectedly the community and expert feedback we have got is that we should rearrange buildings in the Council owned triangle so we have a small footprint building in front of Myer and move the public green space (keeping the same m2) closer to the Town Hall.

It is radical but I think it has the potential to result in a much more usable and more inviting Kings Square than we currently have. It is interesting note that this triangle has only been open space for the last few decades and was either buildings or car park before that – see photos below.

I would be interested in your feedback on this. If we were to keep the public open space the same size in metres squared would you support moving it if it could be shown to be of a higher quality and more functional?

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One Response to Triangular buildings in Kings Square?

  1. janinemarshall says:

    It was really good to be a part of that workshop and hear everyones views on what they feel should be the final outcome for Kings Square. There were lots of good ideas and many people made valid points.
    I personally favoured the South edge of the High street to be defined by buildings with an opening to Newman Court and William street, these buildings to be used for civic and commercial uses. I was also in favour for the hard and soft landscaping in various areas surrounding these building and it not being as open as it is now. This will create a really interesting and visually aesthetic area and introduce areas of high level and low level activity.
    I was also in favour of both pedestrian and vehicle space all the way around the square and I think this will be awesome for Myer for numerous reasons.
    I believe Myer is a key business to have at Fremantle, and although it may not be doing as great as it once was, there is still many things that can be done to change this.
    I have heard and read many remarks lately about Myer, some not very pleasant with regards the poor service standards. I for one can say that it is anything but poor, as I worked there myself and know full well that the service isn’t the problem at all – but thats not for here.
    These changes can only improve Kings Square, any changes will, and whilst there are a few things to consider and compromise, it can only do good as far as I can see.
    Good luck and lets get too it 🙂

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