This Thursday (12noon Freo Town Hall)  I’ll be presenting with Portland expert Jeff Goodling on how to make light rail happen in Fremantle

Going back only a couple of decades, there was much resistance to most forms of public transport links in Portland, Oregon.  Like most cities in the United States, Portland citizens were adamant that yet more freeways and car parks should be constructed to adjust to the burgeoning needs of individual, private transport; cars.  Against this background of ingrained attitudes and fierce resistance, a few brave transport & urban planners pushed against insurmountable resistance to get the I-205 Light Rail (Green Line) Project in Portland, Oregon, US designed, financed and built.  The net result is now a case study for most urban planning students that has seen many parts of Portland revived, a growing significant change of attitude (and even enthusiasm) from Portland residents and less reliance on cars.

Fremantle is now in the midst of ongoing debates as to how to encourage the community & verve of the place we so love, whilst adjusting to the burgeoning needs of a rapidly growing city.  Should Light Rail be [art of Fremantle near future?  What should we really expect from Light rail if it were brought to our city?

Date Thursday,  14 June 2012
Time 12.00 midday onwards.
Venue City of Fremantle Town Hall, William Street, Fremantle

About the presenter:

Jeff Goodling – Jeff is a world-renown transport planner and Project Director with a 25-year record of success overseeing all phases of multi-million-dollar design and construction projects which have been delivered on-time, on-budget, safely, of the highest quality, and with widespread appreciation from the communities benefitting from them.  He has lead the installation of projects famed for their difficulties, such the as the Light rail in Portland., Oregon and the Mumbai Metro One urban rail line.

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  1. Emma Anda says:

    How was this session Brad? It sounded so interesting, I would have loved to have gone but was working that day. Will look forward to hopefully hearing a bit about it maybe here. 🙂

  2. Edna says:

    Hasn’t it been made clear that the only light rail is Girraween or something? State Govt said ‘No’ so what’s all the chat about?

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