Can’t afford a car? Then share one…

This is an interesting article on car-share in WA . Good to see Freo is well progressed on this too as it is embedded in the Amendment 49 planning

Can’t afford a car? Then share one…

Aleisha Orr

Southbound traffic at Mill Point Road is already backed up due to the closure of the Kwinana Freeway.

With the cost of fuel, registration, insurance and maintenance all rising, WA people are looking for alternatives to car ownership.

Public transport is not ideal for all circumstances, a bicycle will only get you so far and renting a car can become costly,

But Perth residents could soon have a new option – car sharing.

This year, independent publisher of consumer information, CHOICE, gave the car sharing industry its 2012 award in the “game changer” category.

Users of car sharing services can find a share car in the network that is closest to them online and book it for the time they require it, whether it be an hour or five days.

GreenShareCar, a company that operates 85 share cars across Sydney and Melbourne is looking to expand into Perth and could be operational locally within months.

Negotiations are most advanced with the City of Fremantle

“We are in discussions with some councils and organisations and as soon as we bed down a deal, we’ll launch,” the company’s business development manager Paul Reichman said.

The cars would be located in parking bays owned by councils or off the street with commercial landlords.

Users would register online and receive a membership card and could then book a vehicle online or on the phone and access it with their membership card.

Mr Reichman said the booking process could take 30 or 40 seconds.

“It shows the closest cars to you, to your work and your home, you choose the type of car and define the beginning and end time of use and hit confirm,” he said.

When it is time to pick up the car, members swipe their membership card on the windscreen and the doors unlock and the car is mobilised for use.

There would be a joining fee and prices would change depending on the time of the booking, type of car and the type of membership.

Mr Reichman said the current casual rate of a Toyota Yaris in the eastern states was $13 an hour, which included fuel and 100 kilometres of driving for the day.

People can be casual users and pay as they go, or can purchase monthly plans, which work similar to mobile phone plans.

Mr Reichman said in the east, developers had incorporated car sharing facilities into developments in order to reduce the necessary parking bays.

He said GreenShareCar would probably deploy about 10 cars in Perth initially.

Ingrid Just from CHOICE, said car sharing was just one of the growing consumer sharing markets.

Ms Just said environmental concerns were a contributing factor to consumer sharing.

“People are managing their bills and working on their weekly budget and looking at car sharing as an alternative,” she said.

“It’s not necessarily going to be as successful if you have to walk too far to the space where the car is,” she said.

“Perth is a big sprawling area, so it’ll be interesting to see how it is adapted to a different type of city.”

Ms Just said car sharing could prove attractive to fly-in, fly-out workers in Perth.

“It might work well if they are on mine sites and not use a car for a good 10 days or so,” she said.

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One Response to Can’t afford a car? Then share one…

  1. rvl says:

    I wouldn’t want to share a car with the kind of people who can’t afford a car! … just joking

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