Two great facts about recycling bins in Fremantle

Two great facts about recycling bins in Fremantle:

1. If you find you fill your yellow top bin up every week then for a small fee (about $20) you can get a brand new 360 litre bin to replace your standard 240 litre bin. They are so big you can fit a Councillor into one (thanks Dave – see below). We were going to go to weekly recycling but after a study this was shown to be was a more cost effective and more sustainable option than driving another truck around every week.

2. If you are a small business in the Fremantle CBD you can also get a yellow top bin (cost depends on size but they are about $100) delivered and picked up every fortnight for free so you can also start recycling at work. This was introduced recently after businesses in central Freo said they were keen to have this option.

Happy recycling

Contact the City of Fremantle waste management team on 08 9432 9999 for more information on both of these.

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6 Responses to Two great facts about recycling bins in Fremantle

  1. Edna says:

    $100 per fortnight or per annum?

  2. Robert says:

    One of these days the green council will get around to supplying Fremantle businesses with Recycle bins of any size. And I mean free as domestics are supplied. Hate having to scrap cartons into wast bins.

  3. Would be nice to get weekly pick-up of the recycling bin … it should be a priority over the rubbish bin.

    • hi Andrew
      We did look at that but interestingly a lager 360l bin provided many of the same benefits with less costs and Co2. Fortnightly rubbish is huge issue in Fremantle and created huge community divisions last time it was planned so I doubt Council would want to impose this
      cheers, Brad

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