At Town Hall in Freo – Cycling: The London and Ireland Experience

Kevan Weaver from the London office of SKM/CB will provide a presentation on cycling initiatives in London and Ireland.

Kevan is a Sector Consultant for the London Cycle Network and was the SKM/CB project manager for their work on the Congestion Charging Study in London.

Both of these projects have resulted in significant increases in cycling numbers and an improved balance across transport modes. With some 130,000 commuters choosing to commute in London each day there are many challenges to work through.

Kevan also managed the development of the current national cycling strategy for Ireland. This strategy now forms an important element of the Sustainable Travel and Transport Action Plan.

Kevan will present aspects from his cycling work in London and Ireland, while also touching on the effects of the London congestion charging on cycling numbers.

Date: This Thursday  19th July 2012

Time: 12.30 to 2pm

Location: Fremantle Town Hall, William Street, Fremantle

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One Response to At Town Hall in Freo – Cycling: The London and Ireland Experience

  1. Colin Nichol says:

    I lived and worked in central London for ten years and even though that was a good period regarding pollution, was told never to run or walk to work but to take the bus – better for health! Counter-intuitive, eh! I wonder how that applies to bicycling.

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