A quick snapshot of the Fremantle budget for this year

This week the City of Fremantle adopted its 2012/13 budget. Boring for most people I know but I found it exciting.

We were pleased we managed to make the rate increase the lowest in the metro area – at 3.5% in line with CPI.

The City of Fremantle total budget is around  $81.6m which sounds a lot but then again there is lots to do. Here are some highlights:

  • We created a new low carbon city reserve –0.9% of rates (~$300,000) for ongoing carbon reduction initiatives.
  • geothermal power / co-generation heating of Leisure Centre pools $1.2m
  • new Leighton Beach kiosk – $1.1m
  • completion of Old Port Project (Arthur Head) upgrades and heritage conservation – $540,000
  • City of Fremantle Bike Plan – $420,000
  • eco-zoning to reduce water use at Fremantle Park – $350,000
  • development of a regional skate park at Esplanade Park – $600,000
  • Fremantle Markets conservation works – $400,000
  • replace Film and Television Institute roof  – $600,000
  • internal fit-out of Victoria Hall  -$400,000
  • way-finding signage for major off-street parking sites in Fremantle -$300,000
  • investigation of Fremantle ocean pool viability – $20,000.

We also created new investment reserves of $12m established to fund major strategic projects–including:

  • Leisure Centre upgrades                    $ 2.0m
  • Fremantle Town Hall refurbishment   $ 2.0m
  • Cantonment Hill master plan              $ 2.0m
  • Kings Square improvements              $ 2.0m
  • Stan Reilly re-development                $ 2.0m
  • Improved playground spaces             $ 1.0m
  • sustainability reserve                          $ 1.0m.

The idea is to ensure that Council reserves (ie ratepayer –  your – money) would be spent in Fremantle if local governments  are amalgamated next year as looks increasingly likely.

To view a copy of the council budget item and minutes of the meeting (when available) visit the agenda and minutes section and thanks for making it this far. Brad

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One Response to A quick snapshot of the Fremantle budget for this year

  1. Emma Anda says:

    Thanks Brad, very interesting to read about, and lots of great stuff happening all through that list I reckon. Seems smart to use those reserves nice and locally to Freo too while we can.

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