“Keep Freo in Freo” – The campaign to keep the Dockers in Freo hotting up

It seems the “Keep Freo in Freo” campaign to keep the Fremantle Dockers based in our Port City is rapidly gathering momentum.

This morning former Western Australian Premier Peter Dowding was on 720 ABC Radio arguing there was overwhelming support for the Fremantle Dockers to remain in Fremantle. Dowding was one of the people handing out KEEP FREO IN FREO flyers at Saturday’s derby (what a great game it was!)

The story was also covered on Ten News on the weekend:

There is also a growing Facebook campaign to KEEP FREO in FREO which you can join:


So what is the background to this? A few years back the Dockers came to us stating they needed new facilities as the club grew and keep up with the state of the art training facilities other AFL teams were building.

The City of Fremantle identified the 6000m2 Stan Reilly site (it is the single storey 70s building next to the hospital) as a great fit as it adjacent to Fremantle Oval and clearly need redeveloping.

Over the past few month  we have been meeting with the Dockers and Notre Dame every fortnight in a very constructive way to get the planning right for new, joint facilities on this site that could also be used by the Fremantle community when the Dockers weren’t using them.

I am confident Fremantle Council is giving the Dockers all they need to stay in Fremantle indefinitely – in fact they have pretty much said so – so let’s hope that the financials of the respective offers add up in a way that keeps Freo in Freo.

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6 Responses to “Keep Freo in Freo” – The campaign to keep the Dockers in Freo hotting up

  1. Kingsley waterhouse says:

    We’re Docker Members ……. what can I do to support staying at Freo?

    Kingsley Waterhouse

  2. las artes says:

    Yell out loud and clear that we will not accept a move of the Dockers HQ and training facilities to Cockburn!

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