Have your say on the plastic bag reduction local law

The plastic bag reduction local law is now out for advertising until Tuesday 2 October.
As you no doubt know, the purpose of the proposed local law will be to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags within the City of Fremantle. The effect will be to prohibit retailers from providing single use plastic shopping bags and impose a minimum fee of 10c for each alternative shopping bag provided to shoppers.
It is good to see Subway getting ahead of the pack by already phasing out

plastic bags in its Market Street store. Along with Bunnings and Target and others it is good to see Freo businesses reducing their plastic bag use before the law even comes into place. Well done
Go to

to view a copy of the proposed local law. Comments can be submitted to:
Chief Executive Officer
City of Fremantle
PO Box 807
Fremantle 6959
E planning@fremantle.wa.gov.au

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4 Responses to Have your say on the plastic bag reduction local law

  1. I dont know why we never never rate a Mention as we have given free since the early 70’s fabric bags. I have so complained to this blog, council and the Free Feo of Plastic bags blogg. Sorry Trendy s, We were the trendies, possibly before you were born.Weren’t seeking any accolades then and are not getting any now. Bit annoying really!
    We used to use Flower bags as supplied to Dingo Flour Mills by a Welshpool bag maker. In fact we used to have Shirts and jackets made in this printed Calico.
    This ( yet another Nanny law) Is going to add a cost burden to buyers of small items. It is also going to add to shop lifting as people carrying unpackaged goods will not look out of place on the street as they do now. I have had people come in asking for a bag however no longer do I supply after sighting, obversely, stolen goods into one that I had just given.
    We collect used plastic shopping bags and re-use them to carry away Repaired shoes or hats with a low value . Will I be breaking the LAW?!

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  3. Sugel says:

    The town’s supermarket Dewsons began charging five cents per plastic bag with a maximum of 30 cents per visit to encourage people to reduce their use of plastic bags.

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