Back on board

I have just returned to Fremantle after 4 weeks away which was a combination of holiday leave and Fremantle Council activities. The trip included attending a UNESCO conference in South Korea, visiting our newest friendship city in northern China and doing tours of a number of sustainable cities in northern Europe.

I also got to have a bit of a break from all things Freo and am feeling very refreshed – jetlag aside. As part of the holiday part some friends and I rode/trained and ferried from Berlin to southern Sweden to Denmark and back down to Hamburg.

Over the next days and weeks I’ll report back on what I saw as some of the highlights and look at what the implications might be for Fremantle’s future.

It’s good to be back!

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One Response to Back on board

  1. Emma Anda says:

    Sounds like a jam packed 4 weeks away! Welcome back. 🙂 I look forward to reading about some of the things you saw, good to get far away and get a different perspective on our town.

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