Germany – not just land of beer but more importantly of solar

It is estimated that the huge number of solar PV panels covering the roofs of houses factories and barns in Germany are capable of producing more than 20,000 megawatts of power – the equivalent to more than 30 average sized coal fired power plants.

In fact, according to Beyond Zero Emissions, if all the solar panels currently in service in Germany were installed in Australia, they would generate a quarter of Australia’s electricity needs. Despite Germany having a whole lot less sunlight than we do in sunny Australia if you average this out over the whole year and 3% of Germany electricity is coming from solar. This is not to mention their wind farms.

Importantly the German focus on solar through their feed-in-tariff didn’t only make solar a key part of the energy mix in Germany but it had the impact of making solar globally an economically viable source of power and a major industry worldwide. This ultimately resulted in the bringing down solar PV prices through scale that has now made solar a competitive energy source on a global scale.

It made me think that the time has come for the Fremantle Tip to be used as a large scale solar farm. It would fit nicely next to the Freo Farm idea perhaps?

As we rode through Northern Germany large scale solar was everywhere. On barns, factories, in fields, on the side of buildings and of course on the roofs of houses.

Beer was good too.

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2 Responses to Germany – not just land of beer but more importantly of solar

  1. freoview says:

    It has also been suggested to me the South Freo tip might be a good alternative site for a windfarm, since the North Mole one is unlikely to be approved by Fremantle Ports

  2. Kim says:

    I was thinking the same last week about using the old tip site for a solar farm. Has a lit of porntial for that. Traveled In Europe in Jan and amazed at the solar ans wind farms everywhere – right down to Cornwall.

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