Sustainability visions for Freo

As previously mentioned there is a great new exhibition on at Little  Creatures called Imagine, Visions for our Sustainable Future.

As you can see from the photos below the quality of the art works is amazing from some great Freo artists. I was lucky to be paired with Susanna Castleden and her work below (white map of Freo) a wonderful way of reflecting my sustainability vision for this great place:

My sustainability vision for Freo was printed as follows:

It’s a summer Saturday morning and after watering my native garden in White Gum Valley from my rainwater tank that doubles as an insulting wall to my house, I decide to head to Fremantle city. I jump on the new light rail that runs down South St and South Tce so regularly that I don’t even need a timetable. Who needs a car?

Wondering down South Tce I run into a few old friends. Fremantle is like a big village. Fremantle is a place where people know not only their neighbours but also feel like they are part of a community, an urban village. That they have a strong sense of place, and working together for the common good.

Sitting down to my organic, fair-trade coffee at Ginos I admire the new silent, clean hydrogen CAT buses that glide by and the excellent new bicycle lanes that run both ways up the South Tce, now a just a one way street in central Fremantle.

Shortly after I wander down to Victoria Quay to have a look at the almost completed wind farm on Rous Head. It adds a dramatic edge to Fremantle’s skyline. It is also a bold new statement of Fremantle’s new claim to be the sustainable energy capital of Australia and sits well with huge arrays of solar PV on all the Fremantle Council buildings. The wind farm, geo-thermal at the pool and tri-gen in Kings Square, in combination with the new super efficient street lighting, has meant that Fremantle is now self-sufficient in power, dramatically reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and its power bill.

In the last few years Fremantle has rapidly developed as a knowledge economy centre. New smart jobs and new office buildings mean thousands more can live and work in Fremantle and not have to commute to Perth. The new office buildings sit beside the amazing green walled 7 storey apartment buildings which have lots of affordable housing. My favourite is the Westgate mall redevelopment which has the new Noongar cultural centre on the ground floor.

Jumping on the hydrogen CAT I  head out to the new arts precinct that has been built on the old Fremantle Eastern Bypass land, passing the FERN sustainability centre on the way. The restored warehouses mixed with energy efficient, medium density houses have created a new centre for artists to work and live.

This is just one vision of what a sustainable Fremantle might look like. Sustainability could take many forms, all better than the present, all wonderfully exciting.

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One Response to Sustainability visions for Freo

  1. janinemarshall says:

    Oh yes – that does sounds good!
    Love your thinking! Thoughts, that one day can certainly become a reality I’m sure.

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