Good explanation of Freo’s Parking Review on Rachel’s revived Freo blog

Fremantle is having a major overhaul of its parking and we’d love your feedback.

City ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton has done a good job or writing up this issue on her recently revived blog so check out what she has to say. The first bit is below too


The parking challenges in Freo are sometimes overstated but clearly people are being caught out with hefty fines and there is some room for improvement.  A Council working group was formed to develop strategies to make parking work better for residents and visitors alike. These initiatives are coming to this week’s SGS meeting for debate on Wednesday 10 October.

Night time parking fees

I’m pleased that one of my campaign suggestions was adopted – to make night time street parking a flat rate all night. If this gets approved, you will only need to pay a maximum of $4 to park on the street at night in Freo, regardless of how long you stay. You wont need to go back to your car to feed the meter.

More half-hour free parking in the east end

The half hour free parking bays on the street will be expanded to include more along the eastern end of High Street (from Queen Street to Parry Street) and Adelaide Street (between Queen Street and Parry Street). This is intended to support business, particularly in the ester and centre of town.

First hour free

The City owns or manages approximately 4,984 parking bays around the CBD; 1,034 on-street bays and 3,950 off-street bays. To encourage people to use the off street parking bays, we are proposing to make the first hour of parking in the Queensgate or Parry Street car parks free, then just $2 per hour for subsequent hour/s.

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3 Responses to Good explanation of Freo’s Parking Review on Rachel’s revived Freo blog

  1. Emma Anda says:

    I just read Rachel’s blog post RE parking, and feel pretty well informed now whereas I didn’t know much about the overhaul ideas before that, so thanks for that, it was really useful.

  2. Nicola Bond says:

    The $4 maximum all night parking is an excellent idea. We at Harbour Theatre are constantly having complaints from patrons about having to run out to feed the meter during the interval of our shows. This will be a welcome initiative.

  3. A Barry says:

    No need to have a picture of a coffee cup on the sign? And change Queensgate to City Central – too much confusion?

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