Local planning policies for central Freo – they’re not sexy but important

The City of Freo is interested to hear your thoughts on two proposed local planning policies in Fremantle.

The first is known as the City Central precinct (Precinct 5) or the Amendment 49 area. It is a bit complex but important.


The planning policy for the East End (Precinct 3) is also out for comment.


The policies seek to ensure that new development contributes positively to the public domain, particularly in terms of creating a pedestrian orientated and vibrant environment. Importantly the policy also seeks to ensure that new development responds appropriately to its setting whilst allowing and encouraging innovation and creativity in the architectural design of the new development.

Your submission can be as long or as short as you want but please clearly state if you are in support, opposition or neutral. Thanks!

PS I visited Eagle Wools last week on Beach St (really worth a visit) and they had this classic Inner East End photo hanging up. I’m guessing 1980?

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2 Responses to Local planning policies for central Freo – they’re not sexy but important

  1. Colin Nichol says:

    Re the photograph:
    I wish I could get a one-up and nail you on that, Mr Mayor, but it is a hard one, I think. However, I can state that the building as shown was unchanged between ’75 and ’85. It was demolished for the construction of Woolstores Shopping Centre (hooray?) in 1986. The cars and bus are give-aways, the former being a bit uncertain but believably, I feel, 70s and the bus being possibly taken out of service in ’78. Further, my instincts tell me the photograph was more mid-late 70s. What’s the prize for getting it right?

    I have an artist’s drawing representing a proposed redevelopment for the site, dated 1983. It was a much more interesting concept that the present, as witness the fact it will soon come down.

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