Solar on the Town Hall


Last weekend we installed 29kw of solar panels on both the Fremantle Town Hall and on the civic admin building (mock ups of the installation sites are shown below).

We are we doing this as part of our Low Carbon City Plan in which the City has allocates almost 1% of percentage of rates to install renewable energy each year.  This is in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the City from rising electricity costs and to demonstrate sustainability leadership.

This installation is 29kW – almost as large as what we installed at the leisure centre a few years ago.

This will produce about 9 households’ worth of electricity.  Each year it will reduce the City’s emissions by 40 tonnes and save $12,000 in electricity.  It will pay for itself in a little under 10 years.

This project will have resulted in more than doubling the City’s solar capacity in the last few months.

You can track our renewable energy generation at the following site:


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4 Responses to Solar on the Town Hall

  1. onward and upward 🙂

  2. Edna says:

    Fantastic! Brilliant economic story.

  3. Idebenone says:

    The project will incorporate 10 solar canopies producing 90 kilowatts (kW) of electricity, as well as five EV charging stations. Using new battery technology, a 100-kW energy storage system will be charged by the solar canopies and used to offset power demands on the grid to charge the vehicles. When the battery is full, the excess solar energy that is generated will be put onto the electric grid to improve reliability and benefit the surrounding community. The solar canopies also provide shade to approximately 50 cars in the Zoo’s southeast parking area. One of the project’s charging stations is located in a nearby ADA-accessible parking space.

  4. Low carbon city plan bang on!! This will tackle green house effect and reduce global warming.

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