Hulbert Street talk on biking in Europe followed by Beauty and the Bike movie

Tomorrow night (Friday the 16th)  Roy Lewisson and I will talk about insights from our recent cycling trip in Europe. We will share how the trip influenced them and local biking policy. Then we will screen Beauty and the Bike, a fascinating documentary and young ladies and cycling (see details below).

Our evening, on the southern end of Hulbert Street, will start at 6.30 pm with a picnic dinner (BYO everything) followed by the talk and then movie at about 7.30ish. Movies will cost $5. Please bring chairs, doonas, pillows etc and all your picnic needs. And please respect the needs of Hulbert Street residents but parking on Douro Road, South Beach or the shopping centre – we use our street for all sorts of things. Of course those on bikes can some right on up!

Why do British teenage girls stop cycling? This documentary film follows a group of girls in the north east English town of Darlington as they ask themselves the same questions. When they are introduced to a group of their peers in the cycling friendly sity of Bremen, they begin to discover how everyday cycling can be – and how UK transport policy has failed everyday cyclists so badly.
With the twin crisis of climate change and obesity demanding radical policy shfits away from car-centric lifestyles, this young generation of women points out what will need to be done to make cycling the more attractive option for urban mobility. It’s the infrastructure, stupid! Talk 7.00 movie 7.30 ish 55 minutes

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