Freo fair trade fundraiser – 5th Jan at Mojos

In the New Year, on January the 5th, local not-for-profit NGO Fair Trade Freo will be launching it’s website. Mojos Bar, North Fremantle will play host, with extra proceeds going to furthering the marketing campaigns of the group. This group of community members and entrepreneurs are committed to creating a fair deal for developing world producers.


The launch follows a fundraiser held last August, which made the website possible. The event will feature a musical explosion of Indie, Folk, Pop, Blues and Worldly culture that will entrance all. Spoonful of Sugar will headline with their unique and enchanting songs. The captivating soloist Jasmin Campos, and Rachel Armstrong, with her other band Dave Robertson and the Kiss List will be once again donating their time and talent. To join this exciting group is The Tome Tones, a didgeridoo, flute percussion ensemble.


Music and arts are a fundamental part of the lives of everyone, all over the world. Acacia Armstrong, project coordinator, hopes that through enjoyment and appreciation of events, that combine arts with ideas of change and action we can connect with the ‘everyday person’. Through the little things everyone can be part of positive change.


“Fair Trade is a hand up, not a hand out”. Supporting Fair Trade means supporting the world’s poorest producers in employment by fair trade principles, allowing them to have enough money to pay for health services, nutrious food and have access to education for their children, clean water and sanitation.


The event is at Mojos Bar 5th of January 2012 from 8.00pm to 11.50pm. $10 entry

For further information please contact Acacia Armstrong (project organizer) on 04 79 135 121 or via email at

Event can be viewed online at:

Consultation on the Esplanade Youth Plaza is now underway

Contribute your ideas to the preliminary design of the new youth/skate plaza by attending one of the design workshops in January and/or completing the online survey

Two pre-design workshops will be held on 18 and 19  January 2013.

For details about the workshops, head over to the City of Fremantle’s website.


Whether you can attend the workshops above or not, please assist us in gathering information for the youth plaza design by completing this survey. .

This closes on the 14th January 2013


Free Parking in Freo…

Thought that would get your attention but it’s true. The first hour of parking is now free in both Queensgate and Point Street and will also be rolled out to Carpark 1 on Parry Street early next year.

We also have new free half hour parking on Adelaide Street (between Queen and Parry) and High Street in the centre of the City.

Hopefully that will make some of the Christmas shopping you plan to do in Fremantle a little easier


The Free Antiques Campaign a new exhibition at Moores by Ross Potter

The Free Antiques Campaign is a new exhibition of drawings by artist Ross Potter. It is great name (ie the antiques he refers to are Fremantle’s amazing built heritage that are free for anyone to view) and a great exhibition that celebrates both history and the beauty of decay.

Ross decided that the best way he could capture the identity of the buildings was to draw them in the utmost simplicity, using only an HB pencil and an artist’s eraser.

It is on upstairs at the Moore’s Building of Henry Street from December 15th 2012 to January 6th 2013and I recommend you check it out.

hotel fremantle iphone december 2013 048

new Josh Byrne sustainability project

If you haven’t checked the new Josh Byrne sustainability project the City of Fremantle is partnering with him on yet then do.

Josh Byrne ABC TV presenter and Freo resident is teaming up with the City of Fremantle to build what I believe to be WA’s first 10 star sustainable houses in Hilton.

This video I did with them a few months back just went up too

Josh’s house




Last week I went to a few of the sessions including a recent workshop and a planning development and design forum and community feedback sessions the following day.

CODA has been running the program and I am confident we are going to get some creative and much needed improvements on the commercial precinct on Victoria Quay, the Public Transport Authority land around the Fremantle Train Station and the City of Fremantle’s Pioneer Park.

But if you want to hear more then you are invited to attend a

Presentation on Conceptual Design Scenarios

Tuesday 18 December 2012

6.00 p.m. (registration at 5.45 pm)

Fremantle Ports Administration Building, 1 Cliff Street, Fremantle

Registration essential. Please reply to:  or 9430 3388

vic quay zones

The best of of Northern Europe (including Malmo, Sweden) tonight at TFN Event

Tonight at The Fremantle Network end of year event I will be talking about one of the most memorable destinations on my sustainability tour of Northern Europe – Malmo, Sweden.

Malmo is only a small port city but is truly punching above its weight in terms of ambitious sustainability initiatives.

At the heart of this is the Western Harbour project on reclaimed port land just outside the CBD.

This is perhaps the best integrated sustainability project I have ever seen.

Built on old degraded port land it has created a zero carbon development that is innovative, diverse and green.

At the centre of the development is the Twisting Torso an elegant 54 storey high-rise tower that creates on optical illusion of a leaning tower. This tower sits at the centre of an otherwise predominantly mediuium-low rise community.

Malmo is very windy so the buildings have been built with this in mind. Capturing breezes in warmer months but stopping them in cold months (and it does get freezing). It is clever design drawing on the designs of medieval cities (including the old parts of Korula, Croatia, one of Fremantle’s sister cities.)

To do this is has a “wall” of 4 to 6 storey buildings around the outside of the development facing the ocean. To the centre the height and density drops to predominantly 2 and 4 floor terrace housing.

At the core of the development are narrow pedestrian friendly laneways. There are rarely straight or parallel and it feels like a modern interpretation of an ancient city. Around every corner is a new surprise a pocket park, a green roof or glimpse of the ocean.

Cars are allowed but discouraged through design. As a result it is very bike and kid friendly.

Other innovations include an integrated storm water management network that feeds a range of water features and green spaces throughout the pocket parks in the area. This is in addition to green roofs take pressure of the drainage system.

Malmo’s Western Harbour is the first zero carbon development and the solar hot water heating (that is also converted in space heating) is visible across the development as is large scale solar PV.

Interestingly, Malmo’s Western Harbour was designed with over 55s in mind but has been unexpectedly popular with families due to its location, design walkability.

It has other great innovative feature like communal waster facilities that joint waste and recycling facilities that suck waste from central deposit facilities to the edge of the community. This is important because is means that streets can be narrow and don’t require streets that can fit garbage trucks.

Affordability was one challenge the Western Harbour was grappling with. The success of the project has made it quite expensive. The newest stage of the development is addressing this.

We were told that the urban designer /architect Klas Tham for this project had to battle long and hard to get it up because it had not been done before.

Overall I loved this project and think it is one of the best sustainability projects at a neighbourhood level in the world because community is at its core. Sustainability s not just a technical aspect bolted on like solar panels at the end but it fully integrated into the development from the beginning at every level creating a great place to live which is aesthetically pleasing.
As Klas Tham said:

“The urgent conversion of society to long term sustainability will only be possible when the sustainable alternative is regarded not only as the wisest, but also as the most attractive one…The prevailing quantitative standards for environmental sustainability, such as saving energy are necessary, but insufficient…It will not be until people’s aesthetic, emotional and social needs are also met that the sustainable society can be attained”

 Malmo 173