Vic Quay Urban Design Forum – this week

While the Vic Quay Urban Design Forum is a two day event, you can come to any part of it and contribute.

Come along to the Fremantle Ports building at anytime shown on the agenda – sign in at reception before 5.

After 5pm (as the building is secured) we will have people downstairs or on the phone to enable people to get into the Workshop venue.

On Day 1 there is a walking tour (3-4pm) and then a presentation on the background of the project (4-5pm) followed by a Design Workshop (5-7:30pm)

This is similar to what the City of Freo and CODA did with the Stakeholders reference Group workshop, but designed for any member of the community to participate and provide inputs on opportunities and constraints, urban design strategies and scenarios.

On Day 2 there is an all day Design Studio. People are invited to drop in anytime from 9am to 6pm to see the team at work on a range of Design Scenarios.

At 1:30pm on Day 2 there is a “Pin-Up” which is a ‘work in progress’ snapshot of the Design Scenarios – CODA wanted this to enable people in their lunchtime to be able to provide feedback on how they are going…if they can’t make other sessions. At 6:30 is the Community Presentation CODA will be running through the Design Scenarios. People will again be invited to provide feedback, with the evening wrapping up with refreshments at around 7:45pm.

RSVP for space and catering reasons: Kerrin Simmonds, or tel 9430 3446

Vic Quay Urban Design FOrum

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