new Josh Byrne sustainability project

If you haven’t checked the new Josh Byrne sustainability project the City of Fremantle is partnering with him on yet then do.

Josh Byrne ABC TV presenter and Freo resident is teaming up with the City of Fremantle to build what I believe to be WA’s first 10 star sustainable houses in Hilton.

This video I did with them a few months back just went up too

Josh’s house



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2 Responses to new Josh Byrne sustainability project

  1. Peter Goodes says:

    partnering Josh byrne with his personal residential development and his Sustainability business is akin to sponsoring John hughes for selling electric cars. we are not happy with this.

    • Peter.
      This is a fantastic project that I am very proud the City of Fremantle is partnering on.
      To take your analogy it is like John Hughes building WA’s if not Australia’s most sustainable car in Fremantle and then sharing with the community how he has built it and having open days for them to see and drive it so more cars like this can be built all for the price of a normal car!
      I think it is going to be very exciting and potentially change how we understand sustainable houses in WA.
      thanks, Brad

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