Freo fair trade fundraiser – 5th Jan at Mojos

In the New Year, on January the 5th, local not-for-profit NGO Fair Trade Freo will be launching it’s website. Mojos Bar, North Fremantle will play host, with extra proceeds going to furthering the marketing campaigns of the group. This group of community members and entrepreneurs are committed to creating a fair deal for developing world producers.


The launch follows a fundraiser held last August, which made the website possible. The event will feature a musical explosion of Indie, Folk, Pop, Blues and Worldly culture that will entrance all. Spoonful of Sugar will headline with their unique and enchanting songs. The captivating soloist Jasmin Campos, and Rachel Armstrong, with her other band Dave Robertson and the Kiss List will be once again donating their time and talent. To join this exciting group is The Tome Tones, a didgeridoo, flute percussion ensemble.


Music and arts are a fundamental part of the lives of everyone, all over the world. Acacia Armstrong, project coordinator, hopes that through enjoyment and appreciation of events, that combine arts with ideas of change and action we can connect with the ‘everyday person’. Through the little things everyone can be part of positive change.


“Fair Trade is a hand up, not a hand out”. Supporting Fair Trade means supporting the world’s poorest producers in employment by fair trade principles, allowing them to have enough money to pay for health services, nutrious food and have access to education for their children, clean water and sanitation.


The event is at Mojos Bar 5th of January 2012 from 8.00pm to 11.50pm. $10 entry

For further information please contact Acacia Armstrong (project organizer) on 04 79 135 121 or via email at

Event can be viewed online at:

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