Marcus Westbury on renewing town centres

This video of a recent talk by Marcus Westbury is worth a look. It argues we are witnessing something of a cyclical turn from places largely of consumption to places of creation as we witness the decline of mass retail as the dominant logic by which design and create space.


Marcus Westbury is the founder of Renew Newcastle and Renew Australia


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One Response to Marcus Westbury on renewing town centres

  1. Wow I see a familiarity here…
    That was a really cool video… Very interesting and what he had to say was very true. I guess that is what it boils down to is rediscovering the city that once was. “Reconnecting the makers to the place and also connecting the community. This for one builds closer relationships between people” as was said, and also between the customer and the supplier, it builds a trust between them. I think that local makers would be able to understand local preference too and through this they would probably be more innovative.
    I love the thought of knowing that what I was buying was grafted with love and care right at the back of the store I was purchasing it from… most probably would be a better quality product rather than mass produced. I also think local production could be more reactive during times of high demand when international supplies are hard to get hold of.
    I loved the old doctors surgery turned into a cool trendy hub too… Where people and catch up and share common interests!
    I’m thinking a lot here aren’t I…. I think you get my point.
    Certainly what we need to be doing!

    Very cool video, thanks for sharing….

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