New North Fremantle bike path open

The bike network in Fremantle is continuing to expand with the opening of a new bike path link between Pearce Street in North Fremantle and the North Fremantle train station.
A new draft City of Fremantle bike plan which has been put together by Janine Marshall should also be out for public comment in the next month or two so look out for that. jan 2013 iphone 172

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8 Responses to New North Fremantle bike path open

  1. Thanks Brad, my pleasure 🙂

  2. Having the connecting path completed is great news Brad. Now we just need to get a the Tydeman Road end sorted. Not nice being dumped on to the truck route without anywhere safe to go. Any thing planned in that regards?

  3. Victoria sturgeon says:

    What happened to no helmet bicycle trial? Although grateful for the expansion of bicycle paths the police crackdown Me Pettitt has issued is back tracking entirely on the original trials ideology. Your not doing yourself any favors, shame on you.

    From a disgruntled and extremely disappointed Fremantle resident,


    • I am still pushing for the trial but have not been able to convince the minister to support it so far.
      Sounds like the police on the beat have their wires crossed on this so apologies for the confusion
      Cheers. Brad

    • I am confused. Since when has the Mayor of any Australian city had the power to direct the Police to conduct any operational matters? Heck in the Minister of Police does not have that power.

      I would suggest that the criticism of Brad in this instance is completely unfounded and unfair.

      • Dan Robinson says:

        TOTALLY agree Andrew! Having recently relocated from the UK to Fremantle with my Australian wife, we have left behind unsafe cycle “lines” (in other words, always on the road, and usually doubling up as parking spaces, so you are constantly in traffic and I have seen multiple accidents on the way to work) to dedicated cycle paths almost all the way in every direction! Even if you argue that it is 70% complete, or even 50% it is awesome and extremely safe! Slow and steady wins the race, and in this case, even if we gain small steps to get the tricky bits avoided, like you suggest above, then we are moving in the right direction. I love this place, love cycling in and around Freo, and I look forward to the cycle paths improving every year!

        And just to add to the helmet issue… I will wear a helmet every time I cycle until the day I am too old to cycle, which will probably be my 90th birthday! Cheers Dan.

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