A little reflection on some of my favourite things…

Being the Mayor of Fremantle is a fantastic and stimulating job but I have come to realize that it comes with the occupational hazard of possibly falling out of love with our amazing City. This is because as mayor so much of the job is hearing complaints about what is wrong Freo and then working long hours trying to fix them  – so much so that it hard to to just relax and enjoy the good stuff  that Freo has to offer.

So this weekend has been special as I have just got to enjoy Freo rather than fix it for a rare change. I started the weekend with a great little art exhibition on Friday at the Feast Your Eyes pop-up shop on Adelaide St before having a drink and bite to eat with friends at Whose Ya Mumma. Spent Saturday enjoying Sculptures at Bathers with  generous tour by Tony Jones followed by seeing dozens of young people actively planning the proposed skate plaza. After lunch with friends I saw Day 1 of an amazing Blues and Roots whilst hearing the Dockers won!  Today I’m off to hear some more great music.

Freo despite its challenges is still awesome so its good to stop and be reminded of what makes it so special and unique – its art and culture, its fantastic events, and the myriad of great places and spaces you get to share memorable experiences with your friends and family.

The Sunday Times also kindly published a few of my other favourite things:

Sunday Times Photo Finish

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8 Responses to A little reflection on some of my favourite things…

  1. freoview says:

    No matter how often we whinge about things we should never forget what a great place it is.

    Roel Loopers

  2. Janine Marshall says:

    ….and a great Mayor we have!

  3. Hannah says:

    I love Freo and I think you are doing a bloody fantastic job as Mayor.

  4. Torsten says:

    350z stays in the garage nowadays?

  5. Peter Brookes says:

    Brad, You May want to spend some more time looking to the real business owners in Freo rather than meandering around art exhibitions. Freo has lost too many business and now an afl team under your tenure. If you want your city to survive, you may want to stop listing to the port and get on an even keel. I am sick of seeing Freo like this and wondering when we will bottom out.

    • Peter.
      I think you might have missed the point. I was describing a rare weekend off. I agree Freo business needs some TLC and that is why we are doing all the big changes we are. Happy to explain further but most of it is covered in the blog already.
      cheers, Brad

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