You might not know that several of the City of Fremantle Councilors also have blogs.

City Ward Councilor Rachel Pemberton’s is at:

Hilton Ward  Councilor Sam Wainwright’s blog is the Freoreport

A special mention this week is South Ward Councilor Jon Strachan’s post  on his blog this week: .

Jon is always a thoughtful fellow and this post is is well worth a read. While I don’t agree with all of it I think he does a good job of providing some useful context for the skate plaza, Warders Cottages and Arthurs Head issues that are forming the basis of a public meeting next week.

We are fortunate to have a such a capable, competent and articulate bunch working with us.

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  1. Sam Wilson says:

    Do you know of any others that I could add to Planet Freo? 🙂 I’m always looking for more Freo feeds…

  2. Thanks for the links. Whilst I was aware of Sam and Rachel’s blogs I was not aware of Jon’s. More reading now 🙂

  3. Sam. They are the main ones but I’ll keep an eye out


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