ABC 7.30 WA on restoring Fremantle’s Warders Cottages

On last night’s ABC  7.30 WA they examined the Fremantle Warders Cottages. Amazing old building buildings dating back to the 1850s.

It is pretty clear that the Department doesn’t have the money to fix them in the short to medium term and that is why the Fremantle Council has said we are willing and able to do it so long as we can come to a rent arrangement that ensures Fremantle ratepayers are not out of pocket. No deal has yet being done but if we do we will put it out for public comment before any final sign off.

My personal view is that they have been left empty for too long and Fremantle Council is doing the right thing by stepping up. But I would appreciate your feedback.

To watch the episode click on this link  Will Freo’s cottages be saved?

This snap is how they looked a few decades back and is a still from a 1982 movie of Micko’s Horse and Cart Tour.

Fremantle 1982 Warders Cotttages


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6 Responses to ABC 7.30 WA on restoring Fremantle’s Warders Cottages

  1. Paula Amaral says:

    Hi Brad
    I really understand where the City is coming from, because it looks like we have come to the end of the line. Mr Collin Barnett who last year refurbished his offices to the tune of 25 million dollars, is not remotely interested in saving the Cottages and nor were any of the previous governments.
    Did the Housing Department buy the cottages from the Prison or were they simply handed over ?
    If it has to come down to the ratepayers to save the Cottages, why should we have to pay any rent to the HD. That is what I don’t agree with.
    They should just hand over the Cottages to the City. After all these are community assets or should be.
    I really appreciate what you are trying to do. It is certainly not the best option, but perhaps it is the only one.
    It seems to me that the choice now is either the City takes over or the Cottages will end by passive demolition.
    I know which one I’d support.

  2. Ann Devereaux says:

    Hi Brad
    I’m just so disgusted at the state of these once beautiful cottages! How short sighted can people be? Most other cities in the developed world are trying to retain their heritage. It would be marvellous if someone – anyone! – would take over control of these buildings and restore them to how they should be. Personally, I think they would make wonderful holiday lets for tourists travelling here from interstate – just look how successful such ventures are in Tassie! Please let me know if there is any way that I can support Fremantle Council’s venture. Should I write to the Premier, or Minister for Housing?

  3. Paula Amaral says:

    There is one big problem about tourist accommodation. Anyone who has lived in those cottages will tell you that it is impossible to sleep in most of the rooms because of the brawls caused by the drunks leaving the pubs and the nightclub. You have to sleep with ear plugs every night.
    Why would any tourist pay money for totally sleepless nights.
    I know what I’m talking about, I lived there for 5 years.
    You’ll have to find another use for the cottages or change all the windows and doors for soundproof ones.

  4. Rob Harrison says:

    The noise can’t be that much of a problem Paula as you enjoyed living there for 5 years and I am sure would love to go back there again at the drop of a hat. I do agree that tourism is not a bad idea at least the City will get a reasonable return and what better place to live.

    I would however prefer we weren’t spending $6 Million of rate payers money on these. You only need to look around Freo and see the standard of privately owned properties compared to government owned. Set high heritage standards and sell them to people who will meet meet those standards. People who choose to buy in Fremantle care about heritage and take pride in their building and their City.

  5. Paula Amaral says:

    The noise can be that much of a problem Rob. Only 2 of the bedrooms can be used for sleeping, and there are 4. And no I wouldn’t go back there if I could. I was actually sick and tired of the drunks using those front verandas as their public toilets, as well as members of the public crossing over from the food hall to have a smoke. Not counting the countless children that climb on the walls, and entertain themselves by picking the stones off the walls, swing on the gates and I could go on.
    Perhaps you don’t know but the cottages are one single property, and cannot be sold independently. I think the housing dpt wanted to turn them into strata units but council didn’t approve it.

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