When you are next on the train between Freo and North Freo look east and you’ll see Perth’s biggest street art mural saying “Welcome to Freo” on the side of a large warehouse. It is fantastic and great work to the guys who volunteered their time to pull it together local street artists – Jackson Harvey, Jerome Davenport and Luke O’Donohoe. The City of Fremantle donated the paint – the easy bit!

Here is how the West covered it:

Artists get positive spray on mural

Lindsay McPhee, The West AustralianApril 29, 2013, 5:48 am

Perth’s biggest street art mural was unveiled in Fremantle over the weekend, signalling a growing appreciation of the art form in WA’s urban areas.

Painted on the side of the Hive Gallery in North Fremantle, the six-day project was filmed on time-lapse video, showing how the huge work evolved.

The mural is the work of local street artists Jackson Harvey, Jerome Davenport and Luke O’Donohoe and involved elevated platforms and more than $5000 of paint.

With the gallery owner and the City of Fremantle on board, the artists said they relished the opportunity to paint on such a big scale and in such a prominent position.

“We’ve had nothing but positive comments while we’ve been working,” Davenport said. He said the project showed how far street art had come as a recognised and valid artistic endeavour and it would only continue to grow.

“A few years ago (the murals) would have been taken off but now people are begging to have them,” he said.

“Everyone wants a piece of it in their house or business.”

The Hive mural also acts as an anti-graffiti measure, with evidence showing replacing blank walls with public art could reduce graffiti by as much as 80 per cent.

Using three videographers, two photographers, a high-definition time-lapse camera and attaching cameras to the artists, the mural’s evolution and sheer scale of the project was captured every day and posted on http://www.blankwalls.


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