There has been some debate over the amount of green (ie grassed) space in Fremantle in recent weeks and whether we have enough of it or not.

Today – a beautiful autumn Sunday – seemed like the perfect day to test this. So I got on my bike and took the photos of most the Fremantle city parks (see photos below) at a time of peak Fremantle business of between 12.30 and 1.15pm. I came away with a strong sense is that we have plenty of grassed spaces many of which are not that well used most of the time. In fact after this little excursion I felt we need to find ways to get these to be better used as most felt rather empty.

Obviously part of the Esplanade was very well used today as it was May Day and there was a huge turnout.

Later I realised I forgot two grassed areas (Round House and Fremantle Primary) but I will do another weekend day audit with these included.

Esplanande looking North West queens sq NW stevens street reserve Queens Square SW queens Square NE queens sq SE Princess May North Princeess May South Pioneer Park Packenhham Street side Pioneer Park Market St side Bathers Beach fremantle park Phillamore Street

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  1. james says:

    also grassed area inside arts centre, monument hill, myre park and a few other places 🙂

    • Kel Smith says:

      “James, the No 1 Skate Plaza Supporter ” no doubt?

      These photo`s by the Mayor don`t fool the general public.It`s obvious he picked his time of the day to try to justify his plans for the Skate Plaza on the Esplanade Reserve.

      No photo of Wilson Park? Oh, why not?

      Fact is, he already has CONCEPT PLANS to replace green grassed areas again with concrete as he has the Esplanade Reserve.

      These photo`s could also mean that Fremantle is dead and his 8 years on the Fremantle Council (4 years as Mayor) have added to it`s continuing demise.

      I have some interesting photos of the City centre.

      Myers left in Feb 2013 and at 11 am on’ Sunday” morning, Kings Square is deserted and the Freo tram is sitting in front of the town hall “empty” with” no passengers” and none expected.

      The Mall and areas adjacent were similar.

      This was in the” Middle of Summer” on supposedly the” Busiest day of the week”.

      The Mayor and Council in their wisdom seemed “more concerned” for the” temporary businesses” of Madhatters Markets’ than they were of the “established permanent businesses” in the city, so they allowed them to establish on the Esplanade Reserve for 2 week ends to draw down on the other established business in that area.

      If “Established” businesses in Fremantle City Centre are not getting” priority” support from Council how can we expect them to survive?

      Thank you
      Kel Smith

  2. Robyn says:

    Did you get pics of Wilson park? On a beautiful day like today , people like to get the last bit of summer down at the beach. Maybe you could set up some eyes on the street at the parks to get a true reflection of how they are used, and at what time?that would be interesting.

    • Kel Smith says:

      I agree Robin.
      I think you will find that the so called” Green” Mayor of Fremantle is behind Councils Plans to create another concrete jungle on WILSON PARK you mentioned above.

      Plans have been produced and out for comment from residents “only”

      Any wonder it was not one of his “pictures above”. He wants to build a hardstand Basketball court and walls and paths for skaters and bikes on this Green space.

      The original Courts were on the other side of the Railway line (South Beach side) at the bottom of car park with access to the toilets,parking and lighting.

      Seems Council now feels that South Beach area is now for “passive recreation” cannot build it there. Never mind the fact that the kids will need to park at south beach and access this facility over the busy railway crossing.

      So there you go, Wilson Park is now deemed ” not passsive” but “recreational” and the residents a few metres away will have to bear the brunt of it.

      The so called green Fremantle City Council seem to prefer concrete instead of grass.

      The Esplanade Reserve Skate Plaza is a case in point.

      Can you believe their rhetoric with comments like “oh” we will” trade off this green area” for “another area” somewhere else in Fremantle.

      What a load of rubbish!

      Build it on South Beach Mr Mayor andCouncillors Strachan and Sullivan.

      Thank you

      Kel Smith

      • Kel Smith says:

        Hi BRAD,

        THANK YOU
        KEL SMITH

  3. Paula Amaral says:

    What about the war memorial?

  4. This does not, however, support dumping a large quantity of concrete on the Esplanade. (And you missed Boo Park: Lots of grass there.)

  5. Robert Fittock says:

    lotsa green spaces in Nth Freo too but I’m sure the Mayor will get to them as soon as he can cos who knows in 2014/15 we may be heading north to dovetail into the silvertails and their green spaces

  6. Eloise Dortch says:

    Mayor Pettitt, do you think that you before you come up with your policy about Fremantle’s grassed areas you could try actually ASKING PEOPLE WHO USE Fremantle’s parks why they use some grassed areas and why some others they don’t? PLEASE???? There are reasons that I perceive you really don’t get. (I spelled out mine on Cr Pemberton’s blog about the skatepark proposal – as she didn’t get them either.)

    I am really getting the sense that you don’t know much about the parks, for example, how regularly during the daytime do you actually recreate on the Esplanade, especially ordinary Saturdays and Sundays in warm weather when there is NOT an event? I can tell the answer is “not much” because of your comment that the Esplanade was only busy today because of May Day. Pop down to the Esplanade on a Saturday or Sunday in fine weather when there isn’t an event (especially in the warmer months) and you will see just how much people use the Esplanade WITHOUT events, and while completely ignoring the skywheel and other infrastructure that has been parked there. It’s the park itself they are using if you really look, having taken your blinkers off.

  7. As a Mum of an 8mth old, I’ve really appreciated the green space in the esplanade park over the last 8 months as a place to feed the baby, play & watch people. I think people make an area feel safe – esplanade park normally has a lot of people at the playground or near the cafe, even on a weekday. But think there is definitely room for a skatepark as well & my nephews would love it – provides somewhere for them to have fun and have some adventure in a space where parents can be nearby. People= Safety and a lot of those smaller parks around Fremantle are not somewhere I would sit with the baby and feel safe during the day. I’m supportive of green space with native trees and grass that integrate with other uses – cafes/art/markets/sports facilities/ etc – not just big empty grass spaces.

  8. Callum says:

    Can we plz plz plz get a bowl like the new one in dunsborough if we did it would acually get used who cares about a stupid grass hill

  9. Kel Smith says:

    I totally agree with you Callum regarding the inclusion of a BOWL.

    We have two grand sons in their early teens who are keen skaters.They too are asking this question.

    I attended the Skate Plaza design from Concept Design Workshop to Council Resolution stage
    and I constantly queried the designers Convic ,the Mayor and Councillors as to why they have not included a “BOWL” in the design.

    To date they have not provided me or the public with a valid reason for its omission.

    I ask you again Brad, what is the reason for a “BOWL” not being included in this design?

    Is it that Council is afraid of ” litigation” due to “injury” because it will be in close proximity to the childrens` playground?

    Is it because the “high” water table in the Park proves to be a problem?

    Is it due to concerns regarding the Health of the 100 year old Norfolk Pines and their Root feeder system?

    I await your reply on this blog

    Thank you
    Kel Smith

  10. Kel Smith says:

    Hi Brad,

    I would have expected a “more precise” answer than that.

    You have been involved in the Design process with the Designers Convic and Councillors and Staff from the inception of the Youth Skate Plaza .

    The Fremantle Community were refused a voice to choose another location in Fremantle other than the Esplanade Reserve.

    A more suitable place would be a Precinct including the Freo Railstation,and major upgrade to the existing Beach Street Skate Park and include Dismantle in between. A perfect fit and SUSTAINABLE don`t you think?

    Exclusion of a “BOWL” for any of the above 3 reasons mentioned previously would necessitate a rethink of the LOCATION of the Skate Plaza

    Surely incluion of a” BOWL” is an essential part of a well planned Skate Park.

    It would then cater to the needs of ALL skaters.

    I await your response on this Blog Brad

    Thank you
    Kel Smith

    • Kel
      Not sure skate park needs a bowl to be awesome

      I haven’t been involved in the design directly but am sure the design will be great even without a bowl.

      cheers, Brad

    • Kel
      I finally had the opportunity to look at the revised plans at it appears there is a bowl so my apologies and hopefully that will keep your grand sons happy
      cheers, Brad

      • Kel Smith says:

        Hi Brad,

        Interesting that you removed/deleted my previous respose in this space.

        Was it because i requested you to do a “survey” to all kids to respond to “Bowl” or “no Bowl” survey?
        Was it because I suggested 99% of Skateboarders would say “Bowl” excepting of couse the social media organised groups?

        Was it because I questioned your knowledge of the Commercialisation of the Skate Plaza hub?

        Was it because i questioned if the vocal supporters of the Esplanade location present as showing a commercial interest when the final plans are produced by Council.

        There was a number of other issues so I will revert to other means of communication to obtain the answers.

        Thank you

      • Kel Smith says:

        Hi Brad,

        Your previous “two” responses do not answer the question.

        You appear to brush aside the reality here with the hope the kids believe they will get a “real Bowl”

        You have stated you saw the latest design changes and it “appears” to have a bowl” and it is ” likely” to have a bowl.

        You have accused me of rhetoric, however as a Skateboarder you know what a “real Bowl” looks like and what a “circular transition” looks like.

        Will you please advise the kids of the Fremantle Community, if the Fremantle Reserve Skate Plaza has a “real Bowl” similar to ones supplied to the kids by the local Councils in South Perth/Victoria Park and in Dunsborough?

        Yes or No Brad?

        What are the facts?

        It is worth noting that all three Skate Parks were designed by the same contractor ie Convic but only Fremantle Skate Plaza on the Esplanade appears to be linked to a Commercial Hub driving the project.

        I await your response

        Thank you
        Kel Smith

      • hi Kel
        I am not sure I understand exactly but I can only repeat that I have not seen the very final designs but I still expect that there will be a bowl.
        But final drawings should be public soon so you ill able to see for yourself.

        The commercial hub part of your question is not clear

        cheers, Brad

  11. Kel Smith says:

    Hi Brad,

    My comments on the Commercial Hub refer to “rhetoric I am aware of ” that you now have Plans to take over the “rail line end of the Carpark” adjacent to the Skatepark Plaza/Dismantle Facility to build a “huge bike park facility” which will incorporate “Dismantle into a bike repair/ bike/hire/bike taxis/bike mobile food/bike top end consumer items etc etc etc.

    Could you please advise what your plans are regarding my comments above with the knowledge of your “refusal” to incorporate the Skate Plaza Design in the Carpark and the expected loss of car parks if your plans are fullfilled.

    Thank you

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