How do we build another 24 Perths by the end of the century in a sustainable, liveable manner. This will be one of the challenges laid out amongst the range of speakers at what I believe will be a thought-provoking and interactive launch of the Fremantle 2029 Visioning process.

Julian Bolleter the co-author of the just released MADE IN AUSTRALIA book will examine the broader challenges of population growth for Australia, Perth and ultimately Fremantle.

Imagine an Australia of 62 million, a Perth of 4.7 million. What would Fremantle look like in that context?

Looking forward to seeing you at Victoria Hall Thursday night at 5.30 for a 6pm start.

Below are some images from Julian Bolleter and Richard Weller’s amazing book :

made in oz 2 made in australia population

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  1. freoishome says:

    I have been raising the question for the best part of a decade where should the next two WA Metro Cities be located and isn’t it time to start planning for them. They were ignored by the Planning Dept, all the Universities, State and Federal gov’t and parties, even ABC programmes like RN design and big issues type programmes; the various associations for Building and Architecture, all seem to think it too hard.

    I have termed it as “Perth cannot remain all things, to all, in perpetuity, WA needs two new Metro sized cities on the Western Seaboard.”

    I think we need to imagine two cities, say Pilbara and Great Southern, being cities of 500,000 by the end of the century or before. Large powerful places in their own rite, with characters of their own, linked to WA’s cultural and administrative capital, linked by fast rail and utility corridors, both with deep harbours. We need these now so that Perth can evolve into a more sustainably designed city, rather than continue the urban sprawl.

    Surely if two such cities were on the drawing board now, it would be a developers dream. None of the hassles that every development has in Perth today, with new community groups popping up almost daily, trying to retain current amenity.

    Cities like Perth and Freo could then develop at a more evolutional rather than revolutionary pace.

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