2013 Fremantle Heritage Festival and Heritage on Bikes

The 2013 Fremantle Heritage Festival kicks off from the 24 May – 3 June and it is a jam packed program. Check out http://www.fremantle.wa.gov.au/Festivals/Heritage_Festival
For the first time I am even going to run an event called:
Heritage on Bikes: Mayor’s Cycle Tour of the Big Decisions That Changed Fremantle
Starting under the Town Hall Clock, I will take you on a journey through the city centre highlighting the big decisions that changed Fremantle or thankfully didn’t. Covering the ages or at least the last 184 years, this is an event for all ages. Just bring your bike, your helmet and any questions you might have as to why Fremantle is the special little city it is today.
DATE 2-3.30pm Sunday 26 May
WHERE Meet at Town Hall Clock, 8 William Street
REGISTER on 9432 9782
Below are some photos from a book my grandparent recently gave me that the City of Fremantle produced way back in 1929 on the first 100years for Fremantle. The book even mentions the ship my relatives came on in October the 12th 1929 the Caroline. It is quite fascinating and I’ll share some stories from it.
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One Response to 2013 Fremantle Heritage Festival and Heritage on Bikes

  1. What a great idea and the book looks awesome too!

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